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Monday, October 18, 2010


Fox news a threat to American Democracy

Patrick Patterson

Modesto Progressive Examiner


Fox news a threat to American Democracy


October 18th, 2010 6:20 pm PT


The Fox “News” channel is a clear and present danger to democracy in America. They masquerade as a news media outlet, but instead offer nothing more than right wing propaganda and a safe haven for the Republican candidates for office.

In addition to being a right wing echo chamber, the parent company of the Faux Propaganda channel has given over $1.2 million dollars to the Republican Governors Association and an additional million dollars to the treasonous chamber of commerce that is funding hit ads on Democratic candidates across the country.

The effect of the Faux Propaganda Channel safe haven is that candidates like Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell can avoid traditional media outlets that would hold them accountable for their words and instead get what amounts to free advertizing time. Faux throws softball questions and allows their favored candidates to use their air time to raise money.

The 19th congressional district race in Modesto isn't getting national headlines so local Republican tea party candidate Mike Berryhill candidate isn't getting invited onto Sean Hannity or Fox and friends to raise funds. If Berryhill, whom the right leaning Modesto Bee described as “not well-informed on some critical issues,” he would be raising money from national ideologues who would want to pick off Dennis Cardoza in a moderate district in California.

This has created a situation where candidates that are supported by Newscorp will get all the airtime and fund-raising they could want. There will be more Sarah Palins and Christine O'Donnells and others who will support the puppet masters until democracy is dead.

Everything you said here can apply to MSNBC and Keith "Overblown".
Unfortunately Fox News is the only place where one can read and hear the truth. The MSM has failed the American public for over forty years now, refusing to publish the complete truth about their favored candidates while highlighting the flaws of those candidates they do not endorse. If democracy dies in the country, the blame can be laid at the feet of those responsible to spread the truth all across this nation. Their agenda came out of the closet during the last Presidential election. They failed to properly vet Obama, allowing his past to remain obscured and secreted.

So, yes, everything written here can be applied to ABC, NBC, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, and a host of others.

This is just the left wings kooks in a panic. It's all good.
Looks like Fox news is a threat to socialism,
Sully, Fox news is not only a threat to socialism but a threat to all the biased reporting on TV and in newspapers. Like I tell the Tennessean people when they call offering a subscription, "When the Tennessean starts printing the truth, I will glad to read it."
%&% OFF!
ALL TV news is a threat to American Democracy. It's a propaganda and brainwashing tool, pure and simple. Why do you think they want to control internet content??
Who is they Rick?
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