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Friday, February 20, 2009


Rihanna's Picture After Alleged Chris Brown Assault

BREAKING NEWS: Photo of Rihanna After Alleged Chris Brown Assault Released
Thursday February 19, 2009


A photo of Rihanna after she was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown has been obtained by TMZ.

In the disturbing picture, the singer appears to have a swollen, bloody lip, two black eyes and marks on her forehead.

Rihanna -- who turns 21 years old tomorrow -- has been lying low in her native Barbados following the alleged attack the morning of the Grammys, which started when another woman sent a text message to Brown, Us Weekly reports in its newest issue, on stands now.

Brown, 19, was arrested for making criminal threats, but has yet to face charges from the Los Angeles District Attorney.

He released a statement on Feb. 15 saying he was "sorry and saddened...over what transpired."

One word - Horrible. She made her living with that face.   I was not a fan of her's and did not follow her career. But I feel very sad to see this happen to another woman. It happens all the time, every day a woman get knocked around, but since this case is famous it gets news.

I had one nut that thought that they could hit me and I picked up a lamp and dern near killed him, sent him to the hospital because as he told me later he saw two of me coming after him. I can't give that advice to every woman, to immediately strike back and do as much harm as you can to the offender. I will tell you that once they put their hands on you the first time it will never, ever end. It will get worst and worst still, it may even put you in your grave. GET OUT and stay out of an abusive relationship. There are plenty of replacements out there!
I can't understand for the life of me just how these two role models could ever put themselves into this type of situation especially when they are so young. I couldn't imagine having an abusive unsignificant other. I'll tell any male who thinks that I will allow such foolishness don't get the Tina's twisted because I'll fight back well before the Limo scene if you know what I mean. I blame Ike. LOL just kidding.

On a more serious note. Once I did have a similiar situation. I was kicked like the mattrix by a man who 6'2 and I am only 5'0 he said that it was a reflex because I tried to hit him in his face for restaining me; as if he had won a cover model contest or something. But what I had for him after that wasn't nice he had left a razor and a pair of scissors from work on the tv stand, I grabbed the razor which at the time I didn't know if they came from heaven or hell I just went to stabbing his tail. At this point I knew the relationship had to be over, I went to the hospital to get an X-ray of my chest and they told me all that they could do is give me prenatal pills. What a bummer but it made me stronger.
My daughter who is now 3 is my everything an my reason for facing a very strong codepent demon.
What I have to say to anyone who should ever happen to come against this situation. Believe in yourself because if you don't it's very rare it you'll find anyone else who will. Although it's almost 4yrs later and no more physical incidents have happen there is still plenty of mental abuse from both sides rational and irrational. If they hit you once they will hit you twice and if you stab them one you will stab them twice. Just part while you both still have your lives. Pay yo fair, Comb yo hair and go Somewhere. There is really more to life than frivilous relationships.
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