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Please report new political bloggers

Lottery Post members -- people who are here because they love the lottery -- have always been free to post pretty much what they want on the Lottery Post blogs.

Now that we are close to a presidential election, there are lots of people posting political blog entries, and that's OK.  Lottery Post has been around over 12 years now, and it has been that way every time a big election comes around.

However, one thing we DON'T want is people who sign up as a Lottery Post member for the sole purpose of trolling the blogs with their political posts.  The blogs are an outlet for LOTTERY POST MEMBERS, not for people who want to come here just to post political rantings.

So if you see a new member posting political stuff, please do the following:  Click Report as Spam on their post.  That's all.  Please don't reply to the person, don't post another blog entry on your own blog about the person, and anything else.

By clicking Report as Spam, you have alerted me to the person, and as soon as I get the report I will take care of it.  Sometimes when I'm actively on the site I can take care of it immediately, and other times when I'm offline I'll take care of it as soon as I get back online.  So if it doesn't go away right away, don't worry, and don't post anything on the blogs about it.  That only draws more attention to the annoying person.

If the person has posted a comment on someone else's blog, there is currently no "Report as Spam" link on individual comments.  So just click Report as Spam on the post itself, and I'll figure it out.  Or else send me a private message with a link to the post.

Thanks for your help during this crazy political season!


  • Good advice Todd,
    will do....!

    By MADDOG10, at 8:49 PM

  • Will do.

    By emilyg, at 11:14 PM

  • Roger that.

    By rdgrnr, at 11:19 PM

  • Thanks Todd, good move. I've wondered about a few 'blog only' folk who surfaced and have no posts in the forums.

    By Coin Toss, at 12:28 AM

  • Thanks Todd...appreciate all you do for us loyal LP members....!!!

    By tiparker119, at 11:16 AM

  • WORKS FOR ME.....

    By GTR1946, at 9:35 PM

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