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iOS 6 fixes annoying bugs on iPad

After using the new iOS 6 on my iPad for the past couple of days, it appears that many of the annoying bugs that could be seen at Lottery Post have been worked out by Apple.

For one thing, the text editor seems to work much better.

The cursor still gets "frozen" when you try to go back and fix something you typed, but it's now possible to "unfreeze" it by opening a pop up window -- for example the About window via the question mark toolbar button -- and then returning to the text editor.  (I am typing this entry on my iPad BTW.)

The other major fix is that we don't see the annoying page blanking issue after each page loads.  Previously under iOS 5, a second or two after the page loaded a large section of the page would turn white and then return to visible a second or two later.  Now it doesn't happen. 

Using the iPad with Lottery Post is still not perfect, but if you use an iPad, you really should upgrade to iOS 6 in order to make your experience at Lottery Post (and other web sites) much better.


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