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Fantastic video

Wow, just wow.


  • This is the best video.

    By sully16, at 12:03 PM

  • You know Todd, you never fail to find some of the most BS videos stating trash by some slick talking actor spreading propaganda like this, this isn't Germany and no one is rooting for America to fail that's just bull. What I do know is the Republicans are doing as much as possible to keep the President from achieving his goals of helping the American people to get back to the market place.We will not and can't live in the past,what! are we suppose to live as if it was Dinosaur days.Everything change and thank God for changes.(especially for the better)

    By louise black, at 1:53 PM

  • Which changes are good Louise?

    By Todd, at 2:50 PM

  • Todd, I just want fairness and want the riches country in the world to help the less fortunate and the poor without all the ungodly talk.

    By louise black, at 12:36 AM

  • The best way to help the less fortunate is to provide the opportunities and unfettered ability (THE FREEDOM) to achieve great things. The absolute wrong way to help the less fortunate is to make them dependent upon the government to provide scraps to them. That only succeeds in taking away their freedom and keeping them under the boot of the government.

    The government can provide a good safety net for those who really need it. But the government cannot become a "great equalizer" to make all good and fair in the country. Don't you know that many societies have tried that throughout history, and it only succeeds in creating a universally poor country, with a very small elite that runs the government? You can see what it looks like today in countries like Cuba and Venezuela. You can see the effects of massive government dependency in countries like Greece and Portugal.

    I heard someone on the radio the other day saying that nobody needs to make more than a million dollars, so what's the harm in taxing 100% of their earnings over $1 million, and giving it to the less fortunate? After all, can't you get by just fine with $1 million?

    Of course anyone can "get by" on $1 million. That's not the point. But if those people have their earnings stripped away, then they would STOP WORKING once they reached $1 million in earnings, because there is no point to earning more. So the only thing that 100% tax would achieve is to wreck the economy. No longer would the wealthy continue to work beyond a certain point, and that wonderful 100% tax would bring in practically nothing to the government.

    The same thing goes for raising the tax on investment income. (That's really a double-tax to begin with, because all money that is invested is already taxed when it was initially earned.) If the government raises investment taxes (capital gains taxes) to an ungodly amount, then there is no point to continue to invest. That's because investing is RISKY, and many times people LOSE money on their investments. The only reason they continue to invest is that their rewards hopefully outpace their risks. But if the government takes away half of their reward, then they will almost never make money, because their losses will be greater than their rewards (because again some investments lose money). So people will stop investing, and again the economy is wrecked and that lovely 50% tax (or whatever ungodly amount it is) will get the government LESS money.

    Yes, this all requires people to THINK. It is not emotional. It is much easier just to "get mad at rich people", but that is a mob mentality, and mobs are not very smart. They just react to loud people telling them to shout loudly, and they get angry at whatever person or thing is being demonized. People who think rationally about this stuff do not throw out slogans like "99%", they try to understand what makes a good economy work. And that is freedom and smaller, less intrusive government.

    By Todd, at 9:08 AM

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