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Stacey Dash!


  • Regardless of race or gender, we all need to jump on this bus and race to the White House!! Thanks for the article Todd!

    By LottoVantage, at 4:13 PM

  • I have a lot of respect for what she did. Guts and convictions she has...!
    The people who have spoken against her for doing this, have no life and no eye's to look ahead...!

    By MADDOG10, at 5:27 PM

  • Brave woman, I applaud her, thanks Todd.

    By sully16, at 6:12 PM

  • Good woman.

    By emilyg, at 7:24 PM

  • I like people who break from the herd and go their own way when their intuition and conscience and common sense tells them that they're on the wrong path.
    Even in the face of unpleasant consequences.
    Because Democrats are vicious when you disagree with them. Especially if you're Black. They will do their best to discredit and destroy you personally.
    This lady is tough and I respect the hell out of that.

    By rdgrnr, at 7:27 PM

  • Stacey Dash rocks!!!!!!!!!

    By jarasan, at 8:11 PM

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