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Windows 8 is going to rock

I am watching a live stream of the keynote for Microsoft's BUILD conference, and they are demo'ing everything about Windows 8.

Holy mackerel, Windows 8 is going to revolutionize computers.

Everything is touchscreen, every piece of software written today will be compatible, and Windows is going to run on everything from tablets to powerhouse PCs.  And all the software looks and works the same on every type of computer.

Microsoft is my best friend again. Smile


  • Gaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!

    Sorry, but to me that really sounds like it is going to be the most annoying and clunky version yet. I bet plenty of them will get smashed by angry users. I thought the UI on 7 was clunky and junky enough but I guess I will have to wait and see just how bad (ok maybe I might be surprised but I doubt it) 8 really is.

    I guess I am going to have to google and find out who sells Linux boxes or maybe just get a Mac.

    By Think, at 5:09 PM

  • Windows 7 is widely seen as the best OS Microsoft has produced to date, so most people disagree with your assessment of it as clunky and junky. But there are lots of OS choices out there to suit everyone's individual needs, and based on what you're saying it sounds like you should generally avoid Microsoft operating systems.

    I can't possibly see how you'd possibly consider Mac OS over Windows 7 though. Mac OS/X is not only long in the tooth, but has gotten quite kludgy with a patchwork of changes over the past several years that makes it confusing and disorganized. It desperately needs a complete overhaul.

    By Todd, at 5:22 PM

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