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VIDEO: Voice Analysis Shows Cain Truthful; Bialek Lying


  • Thanks Todd.

    By sully16, at 1:56 PM

  • Just while he was at NRA did this stuff happen, curious all from Chicago also, hmmmm coincidence?

    By jarasan, at 4:44 PM

  • I am sitting here with people from all walks of life ,old ,young,comfortable ,poor,wealthy, worker,business owner,black ,white and latino.We are wondering how anyone would waste their time defending a man who clearly have something to hide,and listening to her on sound waves tells nothing ,she will have soon three more woman to join her ,then what !. I said it before you can put any kind of spin on it you want, it will have the same results(he's done) as a Thanksgiving Turkey!, little humor there lol!.

    By louise black, at 9:56 PM

  • I wonder why anyone (such as you, Louise) would continue to ignore facts and live in the Land of Oz.

    By Todd, at 10:02 PM

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