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I wonder how he got down? [video]


  • Wow that was amazing!

    By konane, at 7:09 PM

  • Gee !Whiz! That give a whole new meaning to leaping building.Their like human spiders.

    By louise black, at 7:23 PM

  • That's pretty cool, and this is also cool....I want one of

    By joker17, at 8:38 PM

  • He probably got belly scrapes trying to rub against the wall sliding down or someone opening the window, unless they had a net waiting. A lot of great angles.

    By jarasan, at 9:11 PM

  • Pretty cool stuff.

    By Rick G, at 9:40 PM

  • Wow, This is going to catch on we'll see all kinds of kids doing this.

    By sully16, at 11:42 PM

  • Parkour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    It is always amazing to watch what some of these guys can do. Years back, can't remember the name of the movie but they featured some guys that evaded the police by engaging in Parkour. Of course, the police could not catch them! LOL

    By truecritic, at 7:32 AM

  • Forgot about Cop Out. I just saw that and I forgot they used Parkour in that - saw it mentioned in the Wikipedia article. The movie I had in mind was older.

    By truecritic, at 7:39 AM

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