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How to plug the oil leak in the Gulf


  • Awesome Todd....thats the best idea this century....Lmao.

    By sully16, at 9:07 AM

  • About time!

    By jarasan, at 9:31 AM

  • Great idea!

    By konane, at 10:20 AM

  • haha somethin else

    By edge, at 10:34 AM

  • Although I like a joke at times, this is very serious. Obama didn't have anything to do with this catastrophe. I don’t like what Obama has done to this great country, but people are really hurting from this.

    An entire livelihood has been lost. It will never be the same. Just like with the Exxon Valdez, the Prince William Sound still has oil only inches under what was (So Called) Cleaned. The Environment of the Gulf Coast will be destroyed.

    Oil will not go up in price due to this disaster. But you can bet the price of Shrimp and Fish will.

    The Gulf Coast supplied Millions of pounds of fresh seafood for the US. There will be Millions of Jobs lost. The tourism industry is already feeling the effects with thousands of cancellation.

    Everyone in the US will be effected is some way or another. The recession will continue for years due to this oil spill.

    God help us all!

    By tbraddock, at 10:41 AM

  • @tbraddock: I agree, it is undescribable what this oil spill will do for generations.

    Of course this oil spill was not directly caused by anyone in the government. It is clear that BP should be held accountable for any shortcuts or anything else they did to cause it.

    However, I do hold many in government in contempt and to blame for pushing the oil companies farther and farther out to sea, to the point where they need to drill in over a mile of water just to get the oil.

    That is directly attributable to the environemental wackos who control so many liberals in congress. If we had a sane energy policy that did not prohibit oil companies from drilling a reasonable distance from shore -- like all other countries allow -- then I don't think this oil spill would continue for months and months.   It would be shallow enough that divers could reach it, rather than only robots like the current situation.

    Unfortunately, it is also clear that oil prices WILL be going up. That's because Obama has promised to RAISE TAXES on the oil companies. That's just plain STUPID!! You know what the result will be? The oil companies will simply sell more of their oil to foreign countries like China -- which will then benefit from lower prices -- and the USA will get more of its oil from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia.

    And all of this taxing and additional regulation to come is being done one ONE SINGLE REASON: so that Obama can shift the blame to the "evil oil companies". That's it. That's why he just send Eric Holder down to the gulf coast, that's why he's talking tough all the sudden on BP, and that's why he's raising taxes. All to keep these stupid liberal energy policies from being blamed and then changed.

    So, of course BP physically caused this disaster. But the government is to blame for this entire mess.

    We simply must throw them out of there, and replace them with people who think like the rest of us normal citizens.

    By Todd, at 11:50 AM

  • Gasparilla Island near Punta Gorda is my favorite all time place, you can watch dolphins and manatee all day. It's paradise to me , no work or bills or worries, just the perfect place to relax, and now I fear it will be ruined. And yes we must throw them out , they are causing extreme stress to the citizens of country with one bad decision after another. I joined the tea party to stop the crazy taxing thats going on and we can't keep up with them , everyday they come out with something new that we have to figure out how to fight. On top of all the new tax laws we got people who don't belong here milking us dry , The oil ...I do so truly fear if a hurricane dumps that stuff all over humans and plants and animals, the cost will be so high .......The social security we fed for 30 years won't be there, our 401k's ..the same 401k's that were supposed to have us retires as millionaires are now devasted to the point of no return, I had to go back to work at low wages because my husband is always on lay off watch...the jobs are going to china , mexico and india, we constantly go without the extras to insure we have that rainy day fund. What will the future hold for my son, he's only 10 years old, he owes a debt that can never be paid thanks to the greed and selfishness of our own government. I quit smoking 10 days ago and maybe I'm on edge because theres nothing I want more than a smoke, but I quit because I want to see him graduate, go to college, have a career and a family of his own, What will happen to us in 10 or 15 years if this mindset in government continues.?

    By sully16, at 5:46 PM

  • Hey Sully16, *congratulations* on quitting smoking 10 days ago!! That is such a big deal, and will continue to add more time to your life as you stay smoke-free.

    If you ever feel the urge to go back to smoking, you give me a shout and I'll give you some fresh encouragement. What better reason is there than seeing your child grow up and eventually starting a family of his own and maybe one day playing with your grandkids and spoiling them rotten?

    You're right, in addition to the smoking, we all have to quit this crop of politicians, and permanently keep a collective mindset that stresses low taxes, personal freedom, a government that stays small and tightly-focused on a just few things, and voting for representatives who share OUR values -- not the values of a small group of loudmouths who throw money at them.

    By Todd, at 5:57 PM

  • Thanks Todd, Hubby is very happy I'm smoke free.

    By sully16, at 7:46 PM

  • The oil spill follows the behavior of NASA when in October 2009 they bombed the Moon. Put a big hole in it. Now we have a disaster in the gulf, and some annonomous entity put a big hole in our Earth we cannot plug.

    By PUDDINS PICS, at 9:04 PM

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