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Notice the resemblance?

Is Julian Assange purposely going for the Dr. Evil look?

Or is it a coincidence?

You be the judge.


  • wiki-finger

    By sully16, at 12:52 PM

  • lol...good one!

    By Rick G, at 3:02 PM

  • Interesting. I've been looking at the full picture for a while now. Something tells me that there is another message hidden in the picture. A little too sublime right now, but it has something to do with the hand and finger positions. From what I can initially tell is the hand is signing a number 7.

    By JADELottery, at 11:57 PM

  • I do not think it is an accident. Maybe we should call Mike Myers and get him on this. Perhaps he can solve this mystery. I am glad that he is in jail, hopefully some more substantial charges can be filed. He does not need to be out on bail.

    Perhaps the State Department should fly me over there, and allow me to "question" him. He would need to be released to my custody first, for my questioning to be most effective. Perhaps I could get him to talk. I think that all who are contributing to Bradley Manning and his defense fund should be selected for questioning. I will work for a reasonable fee, perhaps 33 complete books of untraceable lottery tickets, per detainee or suspect who needs to be questioned.

    By CarHauler, at 6:55 PM

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