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Newt Gingrich 5-part video: What it will take to win

This is a must-see 5-part video of a speech delivered by Newt Gingrich in November, 2009.

To clarify, it is a "must-see" for anyone interested in putting this country back on track.  For anyone interested in electing leaders who do not want to "fundamentally transform America", but instead who want to improve the things that need improving, but keeping the 95% of what makes this country great intact and thriving.

Very worthwhile viewing!  So worthwhile, in fact, that I decided to place a copy of all the video files on my server and host them myself, so that they will not be lost if the original site moves them or takes them down.

Click each part when the previous part has finished.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • Excellent, sounds like a plan to me, realistic framework and takeover using it. The rest of the world knows if we lose us ... they've lost all hope for freedom and a better life.

    I really like his idea of 0% capital gains, 12% corporate taxes and 0% inheritance taxes along with lower taxes in general. Hope that can be accomplished with Fair Tax.

    And he did mention the F-word again Fascist. You nailed it first while the rest of us were trying to figure it out. ;-)

    By konane, at 11:46 PM

  • Thanks for the comments Konane. It has been proven countless times (even by John Kennedy) that cutting taxes is the key to stimulating the economy and stimulating job growth, not the idiotic borrowing and spending that is going on right now with the socialists in charge.

    I love Newt's message that the next two elections are about REPLACING the morons/socialists in there now, NOT REFORMING them.

    By Todd, at 11:45 AM

  • The American people have a great opportunity to reaffirm the purpose of our politicians: "To serve the people"..............

    By jarasan, at 1:17 PM

  • Sorry but back to healthcare...

    The Dems seem to be stuck on holding down healthcare costs for families but how about holding down government costs for taxpaying families??? Wouldn't that be time better spent?

    By Think, at 9:59 PM

  • The Democrats will not save any families any money on healthcare. Healthcare costs will skyrocket as a result of the massively stupid bill being passed. The Democrats have been hijacked by the fringe socialist wing of the party.

    By Todd, at 6:35 PM

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