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ANOTHER gov't official admits to criticizing AZ law without reading it first

As the reporter asks late in the video, what is going on here?

I have never, ever seen such willful ignorance and stupidity by supposedly top government officials.  These are people who are supposed to be leaders of the entire nation.  Yet they are going out of their way to purposely not read a 10-page law?

This is the worst, most corrupt administration in history.

Cameron is Britain's new Prime Minister!

Thank goodness the Tories are back in charge of Great Britain!

Here is his first speech, just delivered this evening.  It is so wonderful and refreshing to hear a leader give these kinds of remarks.  This is what a good leader sounds like.

Notice his kind and graceful words for his predecessor, regardless of how the previous Prime Minister totally screwed up the country financially and socially.  The new PM cares more about cleaning it up and setting it straight than blaming and trashing him.

In other words (in case my point is not crystal clear), he is not like the current slate of U.S. politicians who -- to this day -- blame their problems on George Bush, rather than letting their own "great ideas" become the centerpiece of discussion.