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Wonderful, mysterious, genius classical piano

There is a CD you buy that will take you to another place — a place of wonderful, harmonious music.

Philip Glass is one of the great classical piano composers and performers, and his Solo Piano album continues to be one of the single-greatest works of his.

It is perfect for when you want to listen to music — not just background music while you use the computer, read a book, or do some work — I'm talking about those times when you want to sit with your eyes closed and allow the music to take you wherever it goes.

Solo Piano is a succession of music that builds around a theme, and like most Philip Glass music it builds on the concept of repetition.  It is a meditative miracle.

If you have never listened to classical piano, there could be no better introduction.

You won't want it to end, and it leaves you in a contemplative mood.

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  • Thanks for the recommendation Todd! I'm a classical music buff myself and will probably buy this now.

    By Rick G, at 3:19 PM

  • I love the piano, its my favorite of all instruments, next would be the sax. Put the two together and I'm in a zen mood.

    Thank You Todd for the heads up, I'll go online to see if I can download it or purchase it if I can hear it first. Like to hear or read some of what I'm buying.

    Music not only relaxes you, it also helps the brain with memory and making new connections.

    By Kaptainess, at 4:08 PM

  • @k: Totally agree about music! I play the sax, BTW.

    By Todd, at 12:34 AM

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