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Firefox 3.5 now available for download

The latest version of Firefox is now available for automatic update.  To install the update, simply open your existing Firefox and select "Check for Updates" on the Help menu.

The new version is a much more advanced browser internally.  It has a faster JavaScript engine, which means that pages whould operate quicker, and it also has a "private" mode, which is like the InPrivate mode that Microsoft added to IE8 several months ago.


  • Just finished the download. Thank you. It doesn't look different though, unless I'm not looking in the right places for the new features. I guess it's more internal than good

    By joker17, at 4:24 PM

  • Yes, mostly internal. When you update the software it shows you a page that lists all the changes. They are extensive -- it is a significant update -- but it's not a big visual difference. For example, it is faster and has smoother rendering.

    By Todd, at 4:44 PM

  • One change i noticed was that I didn't have to use the ctrl V to paste. Konane showed me that one. I just do what I did before.

    I'll check out the page with the changes.

    By joker17, at 5:24 PM

  • Done, thank you very much for the heads up!!

    By konane, at 6:54 PM

  • It is fast! And I still got me bookmarks! Ahhhrggg!

    By jarasan, at 10:01 PM

  • 1. Speed:The number one criterion for a browser is fast speed. The 3.5 version of Mozilla Firefox is markedly faster than its predecessor. According to Mozilla, it ran the industry-standard SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark, which measures how fast browsers render JavaScript, on versions 2, 3 and 3.5 of Firefox. The company claims the newest version performed with at least double the speed of Firefox 3 and is more than 10 times as fast as Firefox 2.

    2. Privacy:Just as Explorer offers InPrivate Browsing, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 has Private Browsing. Once a Private Browsing session is activated, computer users can surf any site at all with no trace remaining when they are finished: no cookies, no temp files, no forms information and no search information.

    Further, if a user isn't in Private Browsing mode, but still wants to eliminate traces of where he or she has been, there's the "Forget About This Site" feature. That erases the site from the History list, as well as all traces of the browsing session on your computer, including cookies and temp files, search history, forms and more.

    3. Music and Video Support:Because Firefox 3.5 supports HTML 5 audio and video elements, users can watch video and listen to music directly in a Web page, without launching any plug-ins. The video or audio can be saved by right-clicking and saving it. That's a big improvement with the torrent of video viewing taking place on the internet.

    4. "Awesome Bar:"The location bar -dubbed the "Awesome Bar" by some perhaps overly enthusiastic developers - has been made even more, well, awesome in Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Previosuly, you could simply type the name of what you were searching into that field, foregoing the search box altogether, and a Google search page would show results. Mozilla has tweaked the search functionality in the browser so surfers can show only bookmarks by using an asterisk after a query such as "Channelweb *", or show only tags by using a plus "Channelweb +".

    5. Session Control:If Mozilla Firefox crashes, users can choose which tabs to resuscitate, a feature previously available through the Session Manager add-on. That's handy particularly if a Flash-based or heavy JavaScript site was the cause of the crash, so users aren't caught in a perpetual, and irritating, crash-and-restart cycle in their browser.

    Above is from this site:

    By truecritic, at 9:39 AM

  • @tc- Thanks for posting that snippet showing the new features of FF3.5. I like that "Forget about this site" feature, shows they were thinking. ;-)

    By Todd, at 10:18 AM

  • The benchmarking numbers are starting to come out, and it looks like Firefox is good, but Google Chrome is still much faster. I can attest to that in my own personal usage -- Chrome just blows the doors off of everything. It's like they have a supercharger under the hood.

    But, I must say that FF3.5 is most certainly an improvement over the last version. If you're a FF die-hard, you will really like the new version.

    Personally, I like the small adjustments they've made to the interface. Very subtle, but good moves.

    By Todd, at 5:49 PM

  • I forgot to post the benchmarking URL. Here you go:

    By Todd, at 5:49 PM

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