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Are you too young to remember Reagan? Let me show you why he is so beloved...

When I think of the quintessential American President, Ronald Reagan is the very first person to come to mind.

There was always an irrational minority of people who opposed everything the man said and did, but the overwhelming majority of the country knew that Ronald Reagan was everything a president should be.

After you watch this D-Day speech that commemorated the 40th anniversary of the great invasion, think to yourself, is there anyone alive today who could possibly inhabit such a larger-than-life persona?  Or express themself with such utter conviction and truth of conscience?

Every time Reagan gave a speech, you knew that he actually meant exactly what he said.  What politician today exudes that same quality?  I can't think of one.

If you are not old enough to know Reagan, watch with an open mind, rather than listening to the interpretations of a hyper-active minority of rabid leftists, who are more hateful than truthful.

Compare what you hear below with the D-Day speeches delivered this week.  I think you'll find there is no comparison.

This is how to show your love of country.  This is how to speak about the great things your country has done when traveling abroad.  Presidents should never go abroad and trash-talk the country they lead.  Reagan would never do such a thing.


  • Thanks Todd. What a great speech by a true American!!

    By budward, at 4:02 PM

  • I wasn't too young to remember him. Fondly? No. Not one of my favorites as a President, nor as an actor.

    This was the start of the downfall of the US. Reagan let Big Business run the US as they saw fit. Rich got richer, poor got poorer, the Unions were busted with his decision with the Air Traffic Controllers, Reagan obtained an overhaul of the income tax code, which eliminated many deductions and exempted millions of people with low incomes. We are only getting a portion of these tax breaks back in 2008-2009.

    Can you imagine firing nearly 12,000 Union Workers because they went on strike? What did it accomplish, the airlines slowed anyway, they had to hire and train new workers, and these workers were not experienced. It struck fear into people that wanted or had to fly. With this one action it set the working man and woman back to 1957 when there wasn't a strong Union for workers rights.

    This tax deduction elimination and the union busting started the decline of the middle class. Incomes were not increasing, prices of products were increasing, and more two family incomes were the norm in order to keep pace. It was a grand time if you were on the 'haves' list.

    Having a strong middle class is the best thing for our country, without a middle class the whole country will fail. Study history, see what happens when a country loses its middle class.

    I am not stating that everything Reagan did while in office was detrimental, some things he did do as a statesman, but the things he did to the average working man and woman are what hits home with me.

    There are many things that will not be disclosed that Reagan and Bush (Ex-CIA Director) did during their White House years until generations are dead, buried and forgotten, if and when they open the files that are now close because of national security.

    By Kaptainess, at 4:24 PM

  • Great speech, thank you very much for posting it!!!!

    By konane, at 5:43 PM

  • @ Kaptainess "Can you imagine firing nearly 12,000 Union Workers because they went on strike?"

    Brilliant move! One of the best things he did. Who the heck are they to go around making demands? Who the heck are they to defy the fact that they weren't supposed to strike?

    This describes unions:
    We make great money! We have great benefits! We do no work! We are union members!

    By truecritic, at 8:30 PM

  • While there is probably no such thing as "best", if you had to pick the least objectionable president of the last 50 years it probably would be Reagan.

    By Think, at 9:17 PM

  • Excellent speech by a man who put his heart and soul into it. Not only did he have a head on his shoulders, he had the intestonal fortitude to follow it through...Thanks for the touch of true reality...!

    By MADDOG10, at 9:27 PM

  • One of the most loved Presidents of all time and most respected. If only we had a man like him again. Thanks for the post Todd, it tops off my day of History Channel D-day shows!

    By TigerAngel, at 12:31 AM

  • Okay, maybe I left too much left unsaid.

    Executive pay compared to workers pay started to rise, workers pay (union and non union) remained stagnant, while CEO's pay went from approximated 27x the workers pay to nearly 400 times workers pay. I know what the next 'argument will be, so what they run the company. Sure, they run the company (into the ground) for two weeks and get a golden parachute of 400 Million Dollars?? How is that fair?   Yes, there was one case where the CEO only worked at the company for a very short time and went away with that obscene amount of money. Google it.

    The average Union worker did not create the current economic mess, the CEO's did. GM Union Workers didn't cause the company's problem, it was the CEO's that didn't change with the times, they didn't change the cars to reflect what the industry needed and wanted. It wasn't the pensions that killed GM, it was the cars and trucks that only got 8 miles a gallon and less.

    I bought American, bought a Durango in 1999, had nothing but trouble with it, also had trouble with the other Chrysler products, Sapporo, Duster, all brand new cars. Electrical problems. In and out of the dealer's repair shops, no resolve. One day I was coming home from work and the Durango died, but I was still moving forward, no brakes, the car stopped in front of me. Need I say more? Why didn't those CEO's earn their money and do something about the quality of the products? They could have before Japan filled the void. Yes, even thought I wanted to buy another American made car, I just couldn't afford to, safety was my concern.

    The worker that spends 30 years at a company working everyday should have a retirement, they do not get that golden parachute of 400 million for a few weeks of work. Think about it, if they would have funded the pension fund as required instead of giving those CEO's bonus money, the retirement fund would not be an issue. No workers, no product.

    Anyway, this crisis was a conspiracy, the work force is getting thinned out, less workers in the workplace, less money to the Government, less tax revenue, the Social Security program is almost exhausted, the younger generation could not support the system, so what could they do they do? Wipe out the retirement funds, the IRA's toast, those millions of dollars that was in the stock market so people could retire up in flames, they had to do it. Now they will have a plenty of people working until they die going to work at Walmart or McDonalds at the ripe old age of 75.

    I know I'm beating my head against a stone wall trying to communicate with a dyed in the wool Republican, whatever the party does and says is absolutely right. No matter what.   How dare I speak against the "King''! ROFL! And things are really touchy now that the Republicans have less power than they have had since I was a kid! That's a long time and it will be a long time before they become powerful again, if ever.

    Yeah, I'm the one in the crowd that will yell out - The King is buck naked - where is his clothes?!

    By Kaptainess, at 12:54 AM

  • @Kaptainess: I doubt you're referring to me with your comments -- it sounds like you're responding to someone else, since I have not yet commented on my original post.

    However, I would like to interject.

    I think you get off-base as soon as you turn this into a "Republican" ideological thing. IT IS NOT.

    I will not speak for any other commenter here, but I will tell you flat-out that party means NOTHING to me. As soon as you throw around "Republican", you cheapen the discussion, and bring it into the realm of senseless debate over which party is better. You might as well be talking about which sports team is better, because I think party identity is as intelligent as the logic used when picking a favorite sports team.

    The only thing that matters to me is which PEOPLE represent the principles and ideals that made this country great. I see liberals -- which are now becoming STATISTS, trying to enlarge a centralized federal government -- as a destructive force in America. The founders would cringe at the class-envy politics of the left. They would puke at the notion of increasing centralized government control. It is the exact OPPOSITE of their intentions, which are clearly spelled out in the constitution -- giving the power to the STATES and the PEOPLE, not to the federal government.

    Ronald Reagan stood for the things I believe, heart and soul, and unlike most politicians, he said what he truly believed. He did not say things during the campaign that mainstream Americans WANTED to hear, only to do a complete 180 when he reached office. When Reagan was elected, he set out to do everything he said he would, and he turned this country around in a few short years.

    The ideological things you commented about are nothing compared to the incredible peace and prosperity Ronald Reagan brought to America. He single-handedly led this country back from the brink, and reminded a generation of politicians how sticking to one's principles is an asset, not a liability.

    The air traffic controller strike was an example of true leadership, and Reagan did what all other politicians would be fearful to do. It was a defining moment that has lasting effects even today. And unlike the negative remarks that some people want to make about it, the fact is that the world opened up for every family in America, as prices to travel became reasonable, and air travel become ubiquitous.

    To say that any "perfect" airline system exists is an extreme falsehood, but it is very easy to see that the elite system that existed before Reagan, where only the well-to-do could afford to travel with any regularity, was supplanted with a far superior model that was perfectly timed with the soon-to-arrive technology explosion.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're anti-Reagan. I understand a great many things in politics, but one thing I will never understand is the logic that leads one to despise Reagan. I hope you change your mind one day. Going back and re-living the circumstances that enveloped the 1980s is a great way to start, because it was a turbulent time, and under different leadership we would all be in a much different situation today.

    By Todd, at 1:45 AM

  • Geez Todd, no, my comments were not directed towards you, as a mater of fact, it wasn't directed at any one person in particular.   It's just that it wasn't such a good time for the 'average Joe', I'm always for the underdog, the down trodden, the ones that society doesn't want to 'see', the ones that fall through the cracks. I think it has to do with Men are from Mars, Women from Venus?   Women see things much differently than Men. :-). That's a good thing too!

    Debating, sharing our views, is one of the nicest things on Lottery Post. I respect other's views and opinions.

    We stay in a flux of turbulent times, we are a nation of war, there are very few years that we are not at war or conflicts with another countries. I can remember the 'duck and cover' routines we went through in school, the fallout shelters (which wouldn't have saved a flea), the Cuban Crisis, when they shot both Kennedys and Martin Luther King, the race riots, the Viet Nam war. I was in school the day they shot President Kennedy, and my teacher told me to go home and my mother would tell me what was going on. I went home and turned on the TV and found out. The first time TV stayed on all night in history. Tell a young kid that the TV went blank before 11:00 PM and didn't come on until late in the afternoon and they will think you are nuts.

    Speaking of our forefathers, they went against the rules too. They fought England and won, they rebelled against taxation without representation with the Boston Tea Party, plotted against their current government at the time, correct? What was right for their times worked, what will work for our times are could be different. We can't bury our heads in the sand and not think for ourselves? Its our own time, that was then, this is now. The Constitution is a pliable document which has 27 Amendments which to 'modernize' and make it more in keeping with what is needed from the original. Would the Forefathers approve of all of those Amendments?   I still have issues with the original document when it says all MEN are created equal, and not all Men and Women are created equal. They didn't think that one through very well. There are other issues that I have but I won't get into them. Yes, it was a different time, but still we do not have an Equal Rights Amendment in relation to Women, they killed it under Nixon and Reagan terms. Oooooops!

    Air travel, as with everything in our modern world progressed, technology and innovations was the key ingredients, due to the space program, , and more importantly, greed. Bigger planes, more passengers, more money. And in fact, it was the servicemen and women returning to the states from the war wanted to see more of the world. And we had more leisure time due to a standard work week. Thank Unions for that.

    The American worker has been pushed to do more with less and for less for too many years since. More production from less workforce, no or little overtime, working off the clock (two companies were cited sued for this practice), the
    invasion of privacy of their workers (lie detectors (later outlawed), credit checking (should be outlawed), drug testing, anti-smoking, etc.), and any other infractions they think they can get away with. The term micro-management came from the 'new' way of managing the work force to whip the working man and woman to produce more.

    The way in which companies treat their workers today stems from that firing of the Air Traffic Controllers, I believe, from stealing their pensions, to making them work off the clock, to generally disrespecting the worker.

    With the stagnant wages, or lack of, the American worker started the budget crunch, cheap was in, Buying American was out. It is a chain reaction that started years ago, and now China owns us in paper. The only good thing is that China has the paper but can't spend the paper on its own people, draw out the paper from America and they lose their market. Ha! They can't figure it out yet, but if they ever do......we won't be a third in line world country anymore, the American way of life will be totally gone no matter how much bailouts the Government does.

    I don't see helping people is a bad thing, we send billions of dollars all over the world to help citizens of other countries, but when it comes to helping at home its a bad thing? I don't understand this, never did, never will, and refuse to agree with it.

    The most powerful statement made by Charles Dickens is in A Christmas Carol, " Ignorance and Want, the girl is want, the boy is ignorance, beware of them both, but most of all, beware this boy" Charles Dickens grew up in England when there were many poor people, poor children littered the streets unwanted. We, in the USA have families living on the streets now, in cars, vans, whatever they can find to keep the rain off and the cold out. Without "Big Government" we will have the by-products of this epidemic affecting us all. Men are ashamed that they can not take care of their family, and they kill the whole family and commit suicide. More than one of many stories I have read in the past month. People will do whatever is necessary to feed and house their families. Crime stats will get worst.

    While the Reagan's thought it was a good idea to build the new Governor's mansion with a living room as big as three football fields and other obtuse amenities, the new Governor Brown immediately put the monstrosity on the real estate market saying it was unfair to have the tax payers pay for such extravagances. I saw the house on 60 Minutes while the Reagan was still Governor of CA, Reagan was showing Mike Wallace around the house, it was huge.

    It is speculated that Ronald Reagan was being 'helped' approximately the last two years of his Presidency, Alzheimer's was becoming more of a problem, and the joke was Nancy Reagan was running the country by horoscope and a Seer. Joke or not, it wasn't long after he left the White house that he went into seclusion.

    President Reagan was only reading a script, credit should be given to the speech writer, Peter Robinson. At what cost the peace? How having the Ex-CIA Director as the Vice President play in the peace process? We will never know, the records are sealed until I'm dead, and all the generations that were alive are dead.

    Yes, I will admit, I wasn't a fan of the Reagan's, and time will not dull the memories. Their "Great Society" was great only if you were rich, and the working class and poor? Let them eat cake?

    I'm not anti Reagan, I'm Pro Union, Pro American Worker, Advocate for the Poor and Homeless, and Pro Women's Rights. The exact opposite of his beliefs.

    By Kaptainess, at 10:32 AM

  • Ronald Reagan wrote and re-wrote the "scripts", unlike people like Barack Obama, who has a brilliant speech writer. Don't you know the famous story about how Reagan would not let his writers take out the line, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"?

    People who say that Reagan was merely an actor are echoing the same denial arguments that were thrown around by the left during his presidency. If you actually take the time to learn about Reagan's history (as I have) then you would know the fallacy of your argument.

    The Constitution is NOT a "pliable" document, and it is NOT a "living" document. That is a false argument created by the left and propogated by those who want to change it.

    The Constitution is purposely designed to be a very DIFFICULT document to change, requiring approval from the STATES/PEOPLE, because the founders recognized the immense danger that would be created by a powerful central government.

    You are completely, absolutely wrong in your final sentence. Reagan was very much FOR the common person, elevating personal salaries across the nation, and improving the middle class's standard of living enormously. He also made us secure from an imposing, tyrannical Soviet Union.

    Reagan was opposed to the horrendous "Equal Rights Ammendment", which was a flawed concept that in its design would harm the very people it aimed to help. Reagan was very much FOR women's rights, and in fact nominated the first-ever woman to the Supreme Court.

    People like you want to label Reagan as this and that, but Reagan defied labels and the attempts to apply them.

    By Todd, at 11:01 AM

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