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A speech worth listening to

Here is the speech Dick Cheney gave yesterday that has been snipped apart into sound bites on the news.  It is much more satisfying and enlightening to see and hear it in its entirety, uninterrupted by so-called analysis.

(Presented in 4 parts below.  When one finishes click the next video to start it.)


  • This is your blog and your site, so I'll try to keep this brief. There is a difference between a speech being "snipped apart" and questioned for accuracy. For example, I have 2 videos that have not been altered or "snipped (I know, since I saw the originals) and in both Condi Rice and former Pres Bush clearly state there was no Al Qaeda connection to 9/11.   From an interview on PBS

        ROSE: But you didn’t believe it had anything to do with 9/11.

        RICE: No. No one was arguing that Saddam Hussein somehow had something to do with 9/11.

        ROSE: No one.

        RICE: I was certainly not. The President was certainly not. … That’s right. We were not arguing that.

    There are several more misstatements and omissions in Cheney's speech, including the false information that was obtained by torture before we invaded Iraq. I keep asking why a once secretive VP is now in front of the camera. Just seems to me that he is frightened the truth will be known, because it will be ugly and painful. Let's face it. In 8 years, the Bush Administration failed us. They failed on 9/11. They failed in Afghanistan. They failed in Iraq. Now he's battling Obama & the Democrats, hoping America will forget 8 years of deception.

    By justxploring, at 2:25 PM

  • Ah, that's the old game that lefties like to play, which is exactly the reason I posted the full speech. I hope you watched it in full.

    Maybe if you DID watch the speech in full you would understand VERY CLEARLY that Bush, Cheney, Rice, and everyone else in the Bush administration *never said* that Saddam Hussein had ANYTHING to do with 9/11.

    Watch the speech. Maybe you'll pick up on it.

    I repeat: nobody ever said Saddam Hussein was directly involved with the attacks on 9/11.

    What they DID say was that Saddam Hussein was coordinating with known terrorists. And that's an indisputable fact. They have records of the various terrorists who traveled to Iraq to meet with Saddam. They have records of Saddam Hussein attempting to purchase uranium for a nuclear program. And on and on.

    What we DID enter Iraq for had nothing to do with 9/11, other than the fact that AFTER 9/11, the world changed and we realized that we could no longer allow people with terrorist ties to operate freely in the world.

    This whole thing requires a higher level of thinking than what you'll be willing to give it. You seem to want to play "gotcha", rather than looking at the entire picture.

    People like yourself will likely NEVER be convinced, because you're predisposed to look for certain outcomes. Sad for you, but honestly you are not one of the people I envisioned gaining something from these videos. No disrespect intended, but you've never shown a willingness to look at things from a different perspective, or to stick to the topic in a debate. You are more comfortable shifting the conversation AWAY from a challenging position, and make a distraction by attacking on an unrelated matter. (What Condi Rice has to do with the speech here is incomprehensible, but at least I did address your quote that actually supports the Cheney speech, rather than your desired negative connotation.)

    By Todd, at 3:19 PM

  • Todd, I knew you'd attack my intelligence and call me a "lefty." It was a long speech. I only have one example.   Frankly, whether or not someone like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was tortured or not doesn't bother me too much. But we're supposed to be a nation of laws. Cheney knows that torture doesn't work and often produces false information. Yet he refuses to admit that our actions became into a recruitment tool for Al Qaeda to attract even more terrorists.

    Regarding "watch the speech" Yes, I watched it. It was on CSPAN, so nothing was edited or "snipped." (unless you want to call that a Leftist station) Maybe you're right. Maybe I didn't absorb everything he said, sort of like when little Johnny is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so he vehemently protests that he was repositioning the cookie jar since it was taking up too much counter space, plus the cookies were turning stale so he needed to remove the bad cookies to keep the good ones from spoiling and.....

    (I know you just love my analogies!)

    By justxploring, at 4:13 PM

  • Typo, wrong word.   First sentence. I didn't mean I only "have" one example I meant "showed" - not to say there weren't several times in his speech he was evasive, deceptive and misleading.   As I said, this is your web site, your blog. I'm only a visitor and not a welcome one. So, although I don't agree with it, I respect your right to have an opinion & point of view. Unfortunately, the few of those who still support Bush/Cheney are too myopic to allow others to have one.

    By justxploring, at 4:20 PM

  • He wasn't evasive or misleading at all. Not sure how anyone could come to that conclusion. He was factual and direct, just the way our leaders SHOULD be. You're just plain wrong on that one. To clouded by hate is my guess.

    As for "few left who still support Bush/Cheney", apparently you don't keep informed of the latest events. Cheney's approval ratings are now approaching 50%, now that he's speaking up and telling it like it is. Good for him, I hope he continues even stronger.

    You *are* a "lefty". When speaking of your political persuasion would you prefer that I say "lefty", "liberal", "statist", or is there another term that would be more politically correct for you?

    As for me, I am conservative, so you can feel free to call me "right".

    By Todd, at 4:52 PM

  • Yes, I read the polls. Some say Bush/Cheney left office in January with a 22% approval rating. Some are a little higher There are a couple of polls that show 57% have an unfavorable view of Cheney, so I guess that means that over 40% don't...maybe.   Anyway, didn't you say in the past you don't think polls are reliable?   

    I won't argue you with, Todd, or even use labels. In fact, like you I'm happy Cheney is talking so much. I mean, the man said he favors Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell. I guess Powell is no longer considered a Republican the same way many people I know were no longer considered Christians when they opposed the war.

    By justxploring, at 5:45 PM

  • Boy oh boy, you sound exactly like the people on MSNBC. It's like you were studying them. I thought maybe folks like you would calm down after Obama got elected, but sadly you seem to only get angrier and nastier. Glad to hear you're done here. I'd rather hear some more reasoned comments anyway. Not the same old boring campaign crap that I was reading a year ago.

    By Todd, at 7:53 PM

  • An no, I would not consider Colin Powell a Republican, although I personally care more about what a person *thinks* than what party they voted for. Why do you care that Cheney said that Rush Limbaugh represents Republican values better than Colin Powell? In fact, he DOES represent those values better. Colin Powell endorsed THE most liberal senator for President. And you think he's what Republicans should be like? That's just ignorant -- and misplaced. Again, why the heck would you care?

    I know the answer to that: the MSNBC hosts have been talking about it, and you're using their logic as if it were your own. Or is it a different liberal show, like perhaps John Stewart, or maybe Bill Maher?

    By Todd, at 8:01 PM

  • Thank you Todd for posting this in its entirety.

    I've always admired Dick Cheney despite the hate and venom spewed at him for the past 8 years. Mr Cheney's enemies have tried repeatedly villified this man, and attempted to charge him with imaginary crimes. The only thing Mr Cheney is guilty of is taking his job seriously in protecting the citizens of this great country.

    I am glad to see him stepping up and defending the national security policies of George W Bush. So far, he is the only one with enough honor to do so. It is sad to see those on the left side of politics forget what that administration did for us in keeping us safe. I fear they have forgotten. And it is my fear that it will take another terrorist attack on our soil, and another 3000 innocent lives lost, before they remember what it was like to experience 9/11.

    It is a joy to see an adult male school that narcissitic child who poses as POTUS, in what it means to lead this nation.

    By Piaceri, at 9:12 PM

  • As a casual observer, it appears Cheney gave his speech so he doesn't go to jail.

    By truecritic, at 9:53 PM

  • @truecritic: I know you can't see it, but I'm rolling my eyes at that one. It's a silly thing to say, like a political cartoon.

    By Todd, at 7:15 AM

  • Easiest way to pave the way to lawlessness is to accuse the previous administration of doing just what the current administration is intending to do as if on steroids. Newspeak eloquent speeches hiding the ugly truth.

    Time*treat's current blog post about the president's speech defining "prolonged detention" has implications that would put the KGB and Mao to shame.

    By konane, at 9:51 AM

  • Thanks Todd. Clear speaking to clouded minds can be quite difficult and frustrating.

    Cheney is a patriot.   Cheney loves his country. Cheney "knows" reality. Cheney is 5000 times smarter than PUPPETOTUSPOS.

    The leftists and statists have "NO" understanding or willingness to understand how and why they are free to speak, do, or be whatever they want.   They don't understand if they were born American they hit the lottery of life. They've been so blinded to the prize they won at birth it makes them self loathing and unwilling to defend the way of life this country gave them. They've never lived in a leftist country, I suggest they study Venezuela or move there to experience the burgeoning leftist life style. The vision of socialism as a utopia is a result of leftist indoctrination that started in the late sixties, it is a shame.

    P.S. Colin Powell is an irrelevant jerk.    He likes the inside the beltway tail parties, that is all that matters to this weak kneed pompous pin head.

    By jarasan, at 10:04 AM

  • Mr.Cheney,
            Is a better man than half of his democratic counterparts, will be or hope to be period. I just wonder how many heads would be swimming if they cut/snipped the symbolic one's speech. Better yet, let me cut/snip one of his speeches, I' ll make him look like a southbound jack-ass going northbound.
            Colin Powell, is another puppet in the outhouse...

    By MADDOG10, at 11:01 AM

  • Chaney is a "has-been" and hopely will fade away quietly. It's a mute point that his approval rating went up a little when it no longer matters. Bush's too. This is just one of the Pub's futile campaigns like the tea parties. Losers trying to gain their way back. But if they think it will somehow help the now defunct Pub party. So let it be. yawn.

    By Tenaj, at 2:50 PM

  • Yeah T! The TEA parties are futile, 65% of California voters voted against raising taxes. It is no surprise a well informed individual as yourself is willing to pay higher taxes......................or is it that you don't pay taxes? Straighten us out please, do you enjoy paying taxes or receiving "things" for free from your fellow citizens?

    By jarasan, at 2:56 PM

  • Thanks Jarasan, Konane, and Maddog10. Right you are!

    By Todd, at 4:22 PM

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