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Startling differences in response

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
this video is worth volumes.


  • And here I was trying to decide whether or not to post that. I wasn't sure the audio hadn't been toyed with a la "Dean scream".

    By time*treat, at 1:31 PM

  • I don't believe it was. I remember seeing it on TV. The CNN announcer even admitted to the "tepid response", surely something he was loathe to do.

    By Todd, at 1:46 PM

  • When was this made? I can posts videos too. So what? Half the people in the Obama field office where I helped out last year were either retired military or had relatives in the military. One man was in his 80s and had fought in WWII. He said Bush was the worst thing that ever happened to America. Then he broke down in tears and said he was worried that all the friends he lost in Guam died for freedoms that were taken away by the most dangerous president in his lifetime. Swear to God on the grave of my parents, Todd.   Maybe you don't think he's patriotic?

    By justxploring, at 2:15 PM

  • The responce to" the President " and the "symbolic one " doesn't surprise me at all. I mean, after all the " symbolic one " doesn't know squat about the Military, and the troops know it...! He shuffled in and shuffled out. Maybe he would have gotten a warmer responce if he had went to a democratic garden party......! Christ, when are these individuals going to realize that the person whom they voted for, has already put the "screws" to them. (WAKE UP DUMMIES)
    Oh, thats right, they'll still blame Mr.Bush for that also. Or maybe they'll say he smoked a "doobee" and didn't no where he was when he landed. Hell, I smoked when I was in VietNam and still came back as an individual with common sense. How people can blame someone else for this persons rhetoric and LIES, I'll never know.....!

    By MADDOG10, at 3:27 PM

  • The press has done it's (well paid for) job, Maddog. Big Brother's told them it's all going to be wunnerful.

    By konane, at 3:46 PM

  • Konane, do you think this paralyzed soldier who signed up to fight in Iraq because of his love for our country and was disillusioned by what he found over there cares about what the "press" has done? He saw the the travesty for himself and spent his dying days spreading the truth. Make sure you see Body of War.   Here is the trailer.

    How do you explain all the suicides?

    By justxploring, at 3:55 PM

  • Justx everyone is tired of war otherwise there wouldn't have been so many world peace meditations last summer ... there will be more. It's part an evolution in human spiritual development called ascension or bringing in higher more evolved frequencies of light into earth.

    Ever consider the possibility that those who are wounded in war have decided to pay karma from having done something similar to someone several lifetimes ago? From all I've studied our souls are given a choice of experiences we'll have before we incarnate ........ no one but us chooses for us. That in itself eliminates victimhood.     

    I'm tired of war, tired of people vaporizing each other, tired of power struggles among nations fomented by arms manufacturers so they can profit. I for one believe human consciousness coupled with intent is bringing it to an end in the next few years.

    As far a suicide I feel a person's life belongs to them and if they choose to end it then it is their decision alone. From what I've read death is simply going to another room for a change of bodies then born back on the earth as another person with new experiences.

    By konane, at 7:57 PM

  • That was Obama here in Charlotte NC just a few weeks ago at Camp Legume. That might have something to do with it.

    By Tenaj, at 9:09 PM

  • Yes, Tenaj. Also, the videos are comparing 2003 to 2009, that is, if both speeches were to the Marines at Camp Lejeune. So Bush spoke there one month after we invaded Iraq, not 6 years later. The video I posted was to show that many young soldiers were more than willing to go to Iraq to fight for our freedom. They came back broken, depressed & disillusioned.

    By justxploring, at 3:00 AM

  • I love how they had to play the band super-loud for Obama to try and cover up the lack of clapping and cheering. Seeing the generals clapping in the front while the troops in the back stood motionless was instructive.

    Nice to see Obama's two biggest supporters rush to his aid here. Your creativity is amazing, how you're able to find words to say each time to try and wiggle your man out of trouble. That is commonly known as an "apologist".

    By Todd, at 9:19 AM

  • JX,
    Wrong, get your time dates and places right before you let your brain engage. This was shot in 2006 in Anbar Iraq, which used to be a strong hold for insurgents fighting U.S. forces. If you listen closley you'll hear the Sgt. saying welcome to Anbar. Now where did you hear this was shot in 2003 ????
    I can tell you this, "NO YOUNG MAN " is willing to go to war, not unless they're psycotic or are following the footsteps of a Pied Piper, such as the Symbolic One in Washington DC.
    These men and women go, because it's their duty, not because they're willing. Follow my footsteps in VietNam and after you come back and clean the skidmarks out of your pants, tell me you're willing to go back..
    It's the same here in America, I'm not willing to follow the pied piper, not because I'm not patriotic, but because this man was never a soldier and is clueless . I as a soldier look upon him as a symbol, not soldier, (hence) the difference in welcomes.
    If you want to follow the pied piper because of his smile and arrogance, thats your choice, but don't try to push his ignorance upon others....!

    By MADDOG10, at 9:44 AM

  • Nicely said Maddog. I would not claim to understand or imagine what you went through. Thank God you made it back.

    By Todd, at 9:49 AM

  • To both Todd & Maddog. First of all I am not "one of Obama's biggest supporters." It's sad that people can't have discussions without be labeled. Usually a discussion includes more than one point of view.   I guess you never watched the movie I mentioned, did you?   You also never addressed the number of troops who committed suicide a rate that increased dramatically in the past couple of years.

    Second, I asked when the video was made and said "if it was" not that it was.   I also have lots of videos of retired military officers who say Bush made a big mistake.

    Third, regarding Viet Nam, you know nothing about my life but assume an awful lot.

    Why don't you post something like this?

    By justxploring, at 12:26 PM

  • "Yes, Tenaj. Also, the videos are comparing 2003 to 2009, that is, if both speeches were to the Marines at Camp Lejeune. So Bush spoke there one month after we invaded Iraq, not 6 years later. The video I posted was to show that many young soldiers were more than willing to go to Iraq to fight for our freedom. They came back broken, depressed & disillusioned."
       You said " if it was " , but in your next breath, you state " So Bush spoke there one month after we invaded Iraq, not 6 years later." Well, pray tell which line would you like me to believe???
    As far as committing suicide, that is a persons choice to do what they want with your life...! People take their own lives everyday and yet you want everyone to think that the soldiers are taking their lives because of the "WAR"   BULL.......!
    I don't know anything about your life, and I don't believe any of my statements led you or anybody else to think I did, nor was trying to. If my statement about VietNam opened something about you from that era, lets hear it, or otherwise it still means just that..!
    You're a democrat and I'm OK with that, just don't try to point out their ways to me if you want people to have a discussion. If you can't see past your nose , how do you expect to have a discussion with people who see things in a broader spectrum   ???
    Some people are do'ers, go getter's, followers and jumpers...! Which category do I assume you're in..!!!!!
    I honestly think you can do better than this...!

    By MADDOG10, at 1:18 PM

  • @Justexploring: No, I didn't watch your video. My blog is about the comparison in response from the military to two different presidents: one is a raucous , enthusiastic response, and the other is a tepid, rigid response. As usual, you try to change the topic to something else, I suppose because it is uncomfortable for you to imagine the military giving your guy a poor response.

    For that matter, I believe you would be uncomfortable acknowledging anything positive about our previous Commander in Chief.

    On this site, you have most certainly been one of Obama's biggest supporters, rushing to support his position (and trashing the opposing position) every ... single ... time.

    You are the one who kept putting out that awful, despicable hate site about George Bush, claiming he was the anti-Christ.

    And you want to claim innocence of what....?

    By Todd, at 2:04 PM

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