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Ha! I told you all this was coming!

It's so nice being right about these things.  In fact, it happened even quicker than I thought!

If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, first go to this blog post and read my comment #7 in the comments section at the bottom.

Then read this news story.

A nice way of putting it is bait-and-switch.  Or vote-and-switch.


  • Not as if they weren't warned again and again and again.

    By konane, at 11:25 PM

  • Yep.

    By emilyg, at 12:06 AM

  • When you're in the limelight, you can only hold on to a lie for so long. The both of them are absolutely pathetic......!

    By MADDOG10, at 4:05 AM

  • ......... and there's more .......

    "Senate Democrats to scrap Obama's $400 tax credit

    Mar 24 07:24 PM US/Eastern
    By ANDREW TAYLOR Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) - A top Democrat in the Senate announced a budget blueprint Tuesday that would scrap Barack Obama's signature tax cut after 2010 and blends sleight of hand with modest restraint on domestic programs to cut the deficit to sustainable levels. ............"

    By konane, at 9:26 AM

  • The other thing that is very underhanded here is that the Obama administration's budgets for 2010 and beyond are based upon growth rates of 4% per year and higher. Given the state of the economy, that is not only overly-optimistic, but is extremely deceptive. But then again, what would you expect? Is the new moronic chant going to be "Obama lied, the economy died?"

    By Todd, at 11:18 AM

  • Perhaps it should be "Feelings ... nothing more than ... feelings ..."    =^.^=

    By time*treat, at 11:45 AM

  • Associated Press
    Hill's budget ideas mirror Obama's plan

    Yahoo News
    House, Senate budget outlines close to Obama plan

    Fox News
    Democrats to Take a Knife to Obama's Budget

    By justxploring, at 1:22 PM

  • Guess it goes to show who's accurate and who's a sock puppet.

    The whole reason Obama was able to get middle America to vote for him was his lie about "95% of Americans getting a tax cut." His claim of a tax cut, the very heart of his election victory, was completely axed by Congress. I'd say that makes Fox News a beacon of truth among a sea of statist media outlets.

    Now, there's a word you're going to hear a lot about: Statist. (State-ist) The next couple of years is going to be exciting for people who believe in liberty. There are interesting movements afoot.

    By Todd, at 10:44 PM

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