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Funny video for cat lovers


  • From one cat lover to another! thanks for sharing Todd!

    By chouquounette, at 11:58 AM

  • Those were hilarious, especially liked the cat 'walking on water.'

    By konane, at 12:45 PM

  • Too funny! Thanks Todd.

    By emilyg, at 7:21 PM

  • Yeah that was great... I liked the walking on water too.

    By Rick G, at 8:13 PM

  • Who couldn't love cats after that! The one I had for over 10 years use to hop in the shower with me and kinda take her own shower. Most cats don't like water, but she thought she was human. I wish I had gotten her on video trying to get into the shower stall before I even stepped in.   During bathtime for my daughters she was known to flop in there a time or two also.
    Great videos, Todd. Didn't know you were one of us.

    By spy153, at 8:30 AM

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