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Winston Churchill speaks again!

A clever take on Winston Churchill's famous address about fighting the Germans in WWII, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.  This time, instead of fighting Nazis, we're fighting Socialists -- on the battlefield of politics!  YEAH!!

If they beat us in the Senate, we will fight them in conference. If they beat us in conference, we will fight them in the House. If they beat us in the House over healthcare, we will fight them over cap and trade. We will fight them over immigration and amnesty. We will fight them over the deficit. We will fight them over the debt. And we will fight them in 2010. We will fight them in the House. We will fight them for Senate seats in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and Arkansas. We will fight them in Colorado and North Dakota and California and Washington State. We will fight them in Illinois and in New Jersey. We will never, never, never, never give up! Our country is at stake!

All our defeats do is to teach us the futility of appealing to moderate Democrats and the necessity - the dire necessity - of replacing them with committed Republicans. There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat in Congress. There are simply those whose votes the leadership does not need in order to promote its socialist agenda.

We will not place our faith in the Nelsons or the Lincolns or the Liebermans or the Landrieus of the Senate. Nor in the Blue Dogs of the House. All we do when we depend on them is to permit them to raise their price and up the ante for their vote. We will place our faith only in the Republicans who oppose them and who will bring the collective insanity which has gripped Washington to an end.

But we will continue to fight each battle in Congress because it is only by blunting Obama's momentum and by demonstrating to the voters of America how their Democratic members of Congress are only automatic votes for socialism that we have a chance to triumph in 2010. And triumph we will. We can only hope that there is still a country to take back!

Stay with us! Help us! Fight with us!


  • The leftist Democrats need to go, that speech potus gave this morning on healthcare was propaganda of the purest type, the teleprompter is back!! What a bold faced liar in chief we have. Does anybody get that we will be paying taxes for this debacle for years before anyone even begins to be eligible? The Repubs have to start talking about repealing this pile of dung we are having shoved down our throats pronto.

    By jarasan, at 8:04 PM

  • Thnx. I agree.

    By TigerAngel, at 9:45 PM

  • Leftists cloaked as Republicans are what got us to this point. We need fresh candidates, Republican or Libertarian to make tough calls and hold their ground.

    By konane, at 10:28 PM

  • @Konane, I agree. i.e., we need Sarah Palin and lots more like her.

    By Todd, at 10:35 PM

  • You got that right Todd. People who formed an opinion on Sarah during the campaign should take another look now that she can speak her mind without the McCain Campaign Staff filter.

    She is one of us. I've seen her speak and be interviewed since the campaign and was very impressed. She is honest, bright, articulate and patriotic. She really gives me hope for the future of this country.

    I met her in Jacksonville at a book signing and I can add this brief aside: She is hotter'n a three dollar pistol to boot! I mean WHOA! GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY HOT! (not that I'm interested in or influenced by that aspect, just an observation)

    If the Repubs aren't smart enough to nominate her I have a feeling there may be a Tea Party Ticket on the ballot with her name at the top. People will be looking for real change the next time around and not more of the same old Washington Insider weasels that they keep foisting on us.

    By rdgrnr, at 6:02 AM

  • I've never been a women's libber in favor of a woman because of gender. However even during the campaign with McCain's muzzle on her, Sarah Palin impressed me with functional intelligence grounded in reality, also more guts than I'd seen in years from any candidate, any gender. Only reason I favored McCain was Palin, and she's yet to convince me otherwise.

    She's absolutely gorgeous which is probably why dried up old Washington retreads (any gender) want to stifle her because she's a glaring reminder of What They Are Not and Never Will Be.

    Hmmm come to think of it I wonder how a Perot-Palin ticket would play? I voted for Perot because he told the truth as we're now seeing with 20/20 hindsight.

    By konane, at 9:46 AM

  • Yes, I agree that Ms. Palin is a babe. I used to think she was not "qualified", however the qualification bar has dropped so low that almost anyone could do a better job than we've seen lately. One thing about the lovely Ms. Palin, I don't think she'd knowingly commit treason. That would be a breath of fresh air.

    By Rick G, at 11:54 AM

  • @rdgrnr: Agreed, completely. Her book was an excellent read, and anyone who actually takes the time to read it could not possibly come away with the same media-induced negativity that they may have had last year. (Not being hooked in by the media, I did not suffer that madness myself.)

    @konane: Yes, especially on the McCain ticket thing. I was definitely lukewarm on McCain, right up until he surprised the world with the Palin announcement. At that moment I became a firm supporter, mostly because I know how great that woman will be for the country.

    The only gender discrimination I have is that I know it will take a woman like Sarah Palin to clean up the mess .

    I will admit to being burnt out on the whole third party thing though. I guess it makes sense as a pressure tactic, but on election day the only thing it achieves is another mark in the loss column, and more years of Socialism. Ronald Reagan was right when he said that we don't need a third party, we need a revitalized Republican party that stands firm on its conservative principles. It is always the conservative principles that rescues the country after years of liberal ruin and mayhem.

    By Todd, at 11:55 AM

  • I found it absolutely disgusting after Harry Reid passed the health bill that Obama said "now we can hold the health insurance companies accountable".

    Accountable??? Excuse me! Who the H3LL is holding those greasy, greedy, corrupt [email protected] in the senate accountable??? Sorry but I really am disgusted by all those GD bribes they had to use to get the bill passed. If the bill is good for America and Americans then why did they need the bribes???

    I believe it should now be abundantly clear to everyone except the most dense that this totalitarian health bill is bad for the country.

    By Think, at 9:48 PM

  • @Think: You're so right, and for more reasons than that! The entire notion of this disaster of a health care bill is a massive FAIL right from the start. Either we would get the Socialist government-run health care (the ill-named "public option"), or else we get what's in the current Senate plan, which basically gives more power to the insurance companies, while at the same time making health coverage more expensive for everyone!

    The vast majority of Americans now see this for what it is: an utter disaster. Rather than making the current system better, they have destroyed the current system and replaced it with a monster.

    It really makes you feel like screams lots of curses, doesn't it?

    By Todd, at 10:10 PM

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