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MUST-WATCH: Lasik surgery as the model for all health insurance

What a presentation!  THIS is the true, honest, open debate that SHOULD be taking place in congress.  INSTEAD we are getting a huge government MESS shoved down our throats.

The people in favor of the big government mess always say, "The other side isn't providing any options."

I say, "Yes they are, and here's one of many that show just how easy it can be to afford health coverage for everyone -- once you eliminate the GOVERNMENT from the picture."


  • Absolutely agree. They also need to add tort reform to the list so that doctor's malpractice insurance premiums will once again be affordable. Malpractice insurance costs are what has closed many fine physician's practices around the US.

    By konane, at 8:59 PM

  • Great video thanks! Too much common sense and too many facts.   The problem I am starting to understand as why people want so much free stuff eg. health care, is that they have no skin in the game. 46 million people don't pay taxes, another 20 million illegals, do the math. All these demographics point straight to how a marxist got elected and why we have the socio-economic problems with these non contributors.   And I am not talking about those that truly cannot care for themselves!

    By jarasan, at 6:06 PM

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