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Sarah Palin: An American Woman

Greta Van Susteren did an excellent one-hour show about Sarah Palin that aired on Sunday.

For anyone wanting to know about her background, it's the best background material I've seen.  That is most certainly because Greta is among the best investigative journalists anywhere — entirely detached and non-partisan.  Greta is always able to pull together new information from a variety of sources, because people are always glad to speak with someone who is non-partisan, as she is.

The entire show is available in 5 parts on YouTube, and I've included links below to each of the 5 parts.  (No commericals!)  Definitely worth the time to view.

It includes an absolute TON of new, very personal footage.  Lots of video taken at home with her husband and family, and lots of video of her in her mayor and city council days.  Interspersed with new interviews of Geraldine Ferraro, providing some insight on runing as a woman on a national ticket.

Sarah Palin: An American Woman

Part 1 of 5:

Part 2 of 5:

Part 3 of 5:

Part 4 of 5:

Part 5 of 5:


  • Very informative videos. She's proving that it takes an Extended Family rear children rather than a "village to raise" them. Big difference between rearing and raising, at least here in the south there is.

    By konane, at 11:52 AM

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