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Journalism is dead

This news story shall speak for itself.

My favorite line from the Atlantic is, "We don't vet our photographers by their politics."

Um, OK, well how about vetting them by their disgusting behavior?


  • This reminds me of when a similar stunt was pulled by a 'news' magazine during the OJ trial.
    The practice of creating rather than reporting the news has been around a long time.

    By time*treat, at 3:12 PM

  • Wow, bet her family's so proud of her. Not enough talent for Hollywood special effects so hired as a "photojournalist."

    Agree with Time*treat hatching something then reporting it as fact is mainstream now. Liberal watering holes prove that all the time.

    By konane, at 5:25 PM

  • If they don't get vetted by their politics what do they get vetted by...their photography?! She must have played hooky when the class discussed lighting. Maybe she should stick to 50's era horror movies.

    By Rick G, at 8:58 AM

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