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Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. Sign the Petition!

The petition at is nearing 1 million signatures!

There is an exciting groundswell of support for using our energy sources here at home, not only to lower our energy costs, but to reduce our dependency on countries that have leaders who have sworn to defeat us.

Let's all make energy dependency the biggest issue of the campaign, and force the two candidates to lay out detailed plans for how they will solve the problem.

A gas tax holiday is not the solution.  A short-term solution that does not address the core issue.  Supported by John McCain.

Windfall profit taxes on oil companies is not the solution.  Penalizes American companies, while foreign companies are not affected, giving unfair and huge competitive edge over American companies.  Drives up prices, rather than reducing them, because oil companies simply pass any additional taxes to consumers.   Problem becomes worse, economy sinks.  Supported by Barack Obama.

Instead, we must do the following, in this order:

  1. First grow and utilitize our resources here in America, which have been untapped for decades.
  2. Reform the futures commodity trading industry to protect oil, which is of strategic importance to every person in this country.  When energy prices go up, every single person suffers, even those who don't use much energy.  Energy drives the entire economy, top to bottom.  High energy prices means layoffs.  Low energy prices means more jobs and disposable income for every person.
  3. Invest in more nuclear power plants, which will provide clean, environmentally-friendly power, and lower energy prices.
  4. Invest in alternative energy production and storage, particularly advanced battery and fuel cell technology and hydrogen and other non-biofuel technologies.
  5. Remove restrictions on the import of sugarcane-based biofuels.  The bans were enacted to protect corn farmers, but the corn farmers do not need the protection.  There is a shortage of corn, not an over-abundance, so corn prices are too high, and are continuing to rise.  This is a typical consequence of protectionist policies; the consumer is harmed.  Corn is not as efficient as sugarcane in its conversion to fuel, so we would have lower prices plus more energy.

How can you support this? 

Start by signing the petition mentioned above.

Here is the link:

Also, find out what the candidates will offer as a solution for energy prices. 

Ask yourself:

  • Does the solution offered give us more energy, and therefore drive down prices?
  • Does the solution have both short-term and long-term benefits?
  • Will it help or hinder the economy?
  • What is your confidence that the candidate is serious about solving the issue and implementing their solutions in full?  (Talk is cheap.)


  • I want more refineries, and making a universal formulations for gas and diesel. Thanks Todd.

    By jarasan, at 12:49 AM

  • Found it, signed it yesterday! I want more offshore drilling, drilling in ANWR, more refineries built on closed military bases.   

    Saw something on tv about how oil comes about which said it is the action of certain bacteria on plant matter so makes crude renewable not finite.

    They could begin with harvesting kudzu here in the south which should provide enough oil for several years! lol They're actually looking at it for bio fuel so it finally may be worth something other than goat food.

    By konane, at 11:23 AM

  • For many years I've known we had alternatives. I' not sure endangering the environment is the best way to become energy independent.

    I keep hearing all the panic about gas prices and shortages, but I don't see any lines at the pumps. And you think Global Warming is a myth?   

    Regarding corn, a lot has changed because of the recent flooding in the midwest.

    I will post this on my blog so I don't get controversial.   The oil crisis is a big scam to control us.

    By justxploring, at 12:31 PM

  • I typed too quickly (mind is on hold)
    Yes - I do agree with investing in alternative energy production #4
    Yes - I do believe we have enough oil right here in our own country to be independent, but I'm not sure what negative effect it will have on our environment.   See this:

    By justxploring, at 12:47 PM

  • No, the gas prices are real. It is not a scam. I was quite detailed in my explanations, so please do not just wipe all the facts away with a swipe of the hand. That is disingenuous.

    Also, you have grossly misstated my position on "global warming" in order to support your point, whatever that may be. If you want to run around thinking mankind has heated up the Earth, that's your business. You can blissfully ignore the facts, and be right in line with all the rocket scientists from Hollywood if you like, but I choose to engage my OWN brain, thank you very much.

    I like how you say you want to avoid being controversial, but then say how the oil crisis is a big scam. Too funny. Hopefully you can see the incongruity in your statements.

    Additional oil drilling does not harm the environment. If you would take the time to actually research something, rather than relying on politically-driven web sites and sources, you would discover this for yourself.

    By Todd, at 1:01 PM

  • Did you see and hear after the president spoke yesterday the liberal dem. response? No surprise the same pathetic rhetoric, "We can't drill our way out of this, the enviornment, its this it's that..." If we had developed our resources years ago in addition to couple more refineries and nuke plants this wouldn't be happening. Also, I am going to say 911 wouldn't have happened 'cause Osama POS Binup a Laden would have existed.

    If oil was so enviornmentally toxic, then why does the envoirment produce it? There is an algae that makes a petrol like byproduct and there is someone working on it and all you need is algae and sun to produce it. I wish I had more time.

    By jarasan, at 3:23 PM

  • In my blog "peak oil myth", in part 8, Lindsey Williams clearly points out the reason they can't drill for oil in Alaska. He sat on the board for 3 years as a chaplain and knows why.

    In the 60s Kissinger went to the Saudis and made a deal. One part of the deal was in return for buying their oil, they would have to give a portion of that money to pay for our national debt. Therefore, if we used our own oil, the IMF and the world bank wouldn't make as much money. Ifyou remember a while back when we told the impoverished countries that we would forgive them their debt? Well where did all that money come from to replace it? The gas pump. We are paying high prices to pay for the national debt.

    Below is part 8 of the video,

    Also, the reason we have to attack Iran soon is not because of nuclear weapons. Many other countries have them but we are picking on Iran because they said that by a certain date, they will flood the world with cheap oil in Euros, which will collapse the dollar.

    By pacattack05, at 3:34 PM

  • I don't care how much oil they drill for - the G/D oil companies have said repeatedly that they charge according to market demand. If they drill for new oil, they will not be charging us 12ยข per gallon like Venezuela! So until they outlaw the high profits and high wages of oil companies there is NO SOLUTION.   

    On a separate issue, look at the gas prices at the BOTTOM third of this list. How do those Countries do it? We should adopt their plan.

    By truecritic, at 8:11 PM

  • @jarasan: Did you expect anything less from a group of political hacks how are invested in the defeat of our country and actually applaud high gas prices as a way to force people to follow the religion of global warming?

    @pacattack05: We could care less about Iran, other than the fact that they are building nuclear weapons that will eventually be used to blow up our cities and Israel. That's the real reason, and there is no conspiracy.

    @tc: I agree about the prices, which is why I made that #2 on my list of to-dos. It is speculators who drive up the price of oil, but you have to realize that the perception of an oil shortage and the fact that we refuse to drill in America is fueling their ability to continue driving prices up. You have to address both side of the coin -- not just one side -- and you have to start by drilling.

    By Todd, at 11:53 PM

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