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Code Pink takes on the Marines

That is an awesomely funny Daily Show clip.

Any video that exposes those complete dunderheads has an interview of Code Pink is OK by me!



  • I find it hard to believe that Jon Stewart, a major liberal, would spoof such a topic in this way. Wouldn't you think he would've used a different take on it, than to seemingly support the right of the marines to open shop in such a liberal city?

    I guess even the most diehard liberals believe we should have troops despite their outlook on war in general. Either way, this funny video was shocking to see on the Daily

    By pacattack05, at 9:16 PM

  • Jon Stewart is not really a liberal. He is much more of a libertarian mixed with a traditionalist. He didn't like Bush, which is why many jumped to the wrong conclusion that he was a liberal.

    By Todd, at 10:41 PM

  • John Stewart AKA. Jon Leibowitz, knows that true moronic behavior is outright good comedy. Either you cringed at what you saw and heard, or just plain laugh out loud at how intellectually dishonest and uninformed these Americans are.

    By jarasan, at 12:03 AM

  • That WAS funny!

    By jackpotismine, at 1:45 AM

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