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Latest passport breach doesn't fit the Bush-haters' model

The raging liberal bloggers — here at Lottery Post and elsewhere — jumped all over the Obama passport story yesterday as more proof of "The Evil Bush Administration".

(For those who don't know, some contractors at the State Department got fired when security discovered that they looked at Obama's passport records without permission.)

Well, today it was announced that not only did those contractors look at Obama's passport records, but they also looked at Hillary's ....... and ....... John McCain's ?!?!?!

Oh no!  Whatever excuse will we make up now?  How can we continue using this as proof of The Evil Bush Administration??

Hmmm..... Let's see..... Um, the contractors opened John McCain's passport records as a ruse, in order to cover for their snooping into the Democrats records.  Yeah, that's it!  Alrighty then, Bush is still evil!  I can now sleep at night again!

A scary thing, the mind of a raging liberal.


  • Cheney comes to mind.
    Happy Easter - from a raging Democrat.

    By emilyg, at 8:04 PM

  • They should receive a tougher sanction than a simple firing. How many of us 'commoners' had our info peeked at, too?

    By time*treat, at 8:44 PM

  • Good point time*treat.

    I'm sure they've got my profile

    US poor commoners. Peons waiting for the next beating. But we're a tough crowd. We'll defintelybeat

    By pacattack05, at 8:55 PM

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