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Did you enjoy the article? You can Vote for it

I posted at the end of May about a technical article I wrote that was posted at DotNetSlackers.

If you enjoyed the article, please vote for it at that site.  The author with the most votes receives an X-Box core system. 

The Voting page is located at:

In order to vote, you would need to register at the site, which is free.

I would encourage any .NET developer or hobbyist to take a look around the site (DotNetSlackers).  It has a wealth of knowledge and unique ideas, and will be a tremendous long-term asset for you.

Please be respectful of DotNetSlackers.  While I would greatly appreciate votes for my article, please don't do anything that could be construed as unfair (for example, trying to create multiple accounts, etc.).  I value my relationship with them, so just 1 vote by those who are so inclined would be more than fantastic.


  • How many times can you vote - I just registered and voted Todd...Good Luck !!

    By Lucky, at 4:10 PM

  • Todd I had a feeling you're detail oriented. The article is very clear and well written. I work with HL7 messages in HIS enviroments, you definitely deserve at least one or two Xboxes for your effort. jarasan

    By jarasan, at 4:27 PM

  • Please only vote once! Thank you very much for your vote!

    By Todd, at 4:55 PM

  • Thank you Jarasan! At the risk of sounding uninformed, what are HL7 messages and HIS environments?

    By Todd, at 4:56 PM

  • Health Level 7, in Health Information Systems. Essentially they are the messages or scripts that are the standard for communicating medical record information throughtout a hospital/medical facility in a common format that different vendors can use whatever info in the HL7 message they need for their particular HIS system. There are lot of interfaces, gateways, links etc. for eg. for a MRI scan to be available to the rest of the hospital it has to be tagged up and secure with the correct patient info. attached or else. HIPAA Health Insurance Patient and Portabilty Act demands it. This is the bane of our existence, compliance is job one.

    By jarasan, at 5:31 PM

  • Ah, thank you for the explanation Jarasan. I haven't done a heck of a lot in that aspect of healthcare. The bulk of my work in that sector has been in pharmaceuticals -- where there are different kinds of data, but same idea. In pharma, I typically dealt with things like NDC codes and such for building data warehouses and business intelligence reporting/tools.

    By Todd, at 7:00 PM

  • Just wanted to say thanks again to the 3 or 4 who voted! Every little bit helps, although I'm still in third place!

    By Todd, at 7:02 PM

  • Okay, Todd. I voted. I did not read the article but, I do plan on reading it. Thank you for telling us about this site.

    By Lucky Star, at 1:19 AM

  • Thank you Lucky Star!

    By Todd, at 6:52 AM

  • You are welcome!!!

    By Lucky Star, at 8:43 AM

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