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Apple Safari available for Windows XP & Vista

I am typing this blog entry using the new beta of Apple's Safari Web browser, now available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Lottery Post has always been designed to work well with Safari, so those who choose to use Safari will have a good browsing experience at Lottery Post.  However, Safari is a little buggy with the text editor.  (Which is Apple's fault, and is slowly getting better.)  The new text editor used in the forums does work better than the one used in private messaging and blogs.

As I'm typing this in the blog editor, every time I hit Enter the cursor disappears and I have to click into the editor again to get it to appear.  Not devastating, but annoying.

Another thing about Safari under Windows that will either strike you as annoying or awesome, depending on your point of view, is that Apple insists on making the entire user interface look and function exactly like Mac OS/X.  Personally, I think it's annoying because i find OS/X to be much uglier than Windows Vista, and besides, Apple should write software that fits in with the other software on the operating system.  If someone wants a browser that looks like OS/X, then they would buy OS/X.

Nevertheless, more Web browser choices is always a good thing, so overall this is good news.

Here's the link!


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