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Video worth watching

It really burns me when people take advantage of the gullible to make millions, so I thoroughly enjoyed the following video.


  • I have seen this video before on tv, I think. I was just in awe of it watching today as I was back then. I have to say, though, I know there are fakers and con artists all over the world. And yes, a sucker born every minute. But I know for a fact there is more to this world than ordinary eyes can see. I know for a fact there are things that I just cannot explain. I often have mixed emotions when magicians get their tricks revealed. Good because I knew it wasn't so. Bad because now that little part of me that wanted the magic to be real has lost one more story to tell. I have many times sat down with my children and neices and nephews and told them stories of magic and miracles. I was raised believing in them and still do. There will always be those that are corrupt, but there will always be those that are real. Just as christians know there is a devil and the devil knows there is GOD, but the devil's followers acknowledge not GOD but the devil. Even still, God lets us know in the bible that there are scorcerers and magic that does work and we are to stay away from them. To say there is no such thing as prophesying is to call Jesus Christ a liar. To say there is no such thing as miracles is also calling him and our Father a liar. The same is said about destiny, but yet Christ was preordained to come to earth for the purpose of our sins. (destined to die at the hands of his enemies) You see? I cannot and will not speak against these things because I know them to be true. Just because someone else lied doesn't make us all liars. That is like saying "all white men hate blacks." It isn't true.   And "all black men hate the white man." It isn't true.   Or "all babies are the same," but they are not. So, too, all magicians are not con men. All psychics are not con artist and out to sucker you out of your money. Most are, I'll give you that. But not all of them.

    By spy153, at 11:28 AM

  • Some people live their lives in quiet desperation that they become so gullible...

    I recall my mom fell prey to one faithhealer, or shall I say fake healer. My mom had terminal cancer of the stomach. She heard of this faithhealer in the Philippines who can operate on her stomach without any incision and make her well. My sister and I traveled with her to see this healer. I could see my mom totally believing the whole process 'cause she wanted to believe. My mom passed on after a couple of weeks.

    Fakery is one thing. Miracles, another. I believe in miracles, but that's for another discussion, another day.

    By csfb, at 1:28 PM

  • It's unfortunate that the majority are fake. If that wasn't bad enough, they make the 10 percent who truly have a gift look very bad. No wonder so many people look down on paranormal activity.

    By pacattack05, at 6:17 PM

  • I have seen (not just here) people make comments about "real" vs. "fake". How does one judge who is able to "really" bend spoons vs. who is "faking" it.

    There is a scientific axiom that says (paraphrasing), "the simplest explanation is most often the correct one." Wouldn't the simplest explanation be that they are all fake?

    By Todd, at 6:33 PM

  • I was talking about paranormal activity in general. Bending spoons is an old parlor trick that has been exposed by James Randy. In another video, some guy shows how Uri makes the compass move, by slight of hand, gluing a piece of magnet to the tip of his finger.

    I have my reservations about people who claim they can make objects move, even Einstein claimed he could move objects with his mind.

    On the other hand, I believe some people really have psychic abilities. I've had then many times, especially when I was a kid.

    By pacattack05, at 7:19 AM

  • Now how would you be able to judge -- as a kid -- if the abilities of that psychic were real or fake. That's what I'm talking about. BTW, if you click the link I posted you'll see IT IS James Randi, so obviously I did know that James Randi exposed the spoons trick. But some people still claim to really be bending spoons. And some people believe them. Spoons are an example. I could have well said "psychic reading" or "palm reading" or anything else. The larger question that I was asking was how does one know if someone is "real" or "fake"? Or, is EVERYONE fake?

    By Todd, at 8:08 AM

  • My bad, I can see how my last line could be confusing.
    I meant that as a kid, I experienced psychic abilities, and other family friends did also.

    As far as knowing which ones are fake and real, I couldn't say, unless I was there personally. In a seperate clip I found, Uri was on the Johnny Carson show, but this time Johnny made sure that niether Uri or any of his staff were able to tamper with small metal containers which johhny chose himself. Jonny apparently bought them himself.
    There were about 6 metal containers, and Johnny asked Uri which one had water, or some liquid. Uri put his hands over the containers, and kept coming up with excuses about why he was having trouble. He never did answer correctly. Just goes to show that Uri needs his own props in order to do his tricks. I'll try to find the link. He was majorly embarrased.

    I personally don't think anyone at this stage of human development has the ability to bend a spoon. The others who claim they can, would have to bend spoons that I provide.

    By pacattack05, at 12:47 PM

  • You keep re-telling things that are part of the video that I already provided the link for. JUST CLICK IT.

    By Todd, at 5:59 PM

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