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Undercover in British mosques

Look at what is being taught in mosques.  This is what politicians call a "beautiful religion".

Update: I just finished watching all 3 parts of the video.  After watching it, I fear that there is no hope of ever having a peaceful society that includes these people.

Apparently, they are all being taught to hate Jews and Christians, to fight democracy, that women are half as important as men, that it's a good thing to hit women, that it's OK to marry pre-pubescent girls, to ridicule homosexuals, and to form a Muslim state with the sole intention of destroying non-Muslim societies.

The third part shows the absolute ridiculousness of politicians who visit the Muslim organizations, praising their strides toward peaceful co-existence.  They invite these politicians, and then when they leave go back to their hateful teachings.  They teach ways to make it appear that they are trying to get along, while secretly carrying out their subversion.

How can they ever be trusted -- any of them -- while they allow these radical people to teach at the most mainstream mosques?

What is the reason that a reporter needs a hidden camera in order to see what they are teaching there?  If a reporter wanted to record a Baptist mass, does anyone think they would need a hidden camera?  Or at a Catholic mass?  A Protestant mass?  A Jewish mass?

It is plain to see that the reason the mosques don't allow "outsiders" in there is that they have a lot to hide, including things that would make most people's skin crawl.


  • "............ same ideology as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt"............ That is one organization which sprang directly and traceably from Hitler's Nazis.

    Just finished watching all 3 ... very revealing and very much in line with what I watched on "Obsession."

    Same hatred, same directive of genocide toward non-believers.... same STATED intent of ruling the entire globe.

    As far as politicians, their mouth $$$$ays whatever someone's money tells them to $$$$ay. Follow the money trail.

    By konane, at 3:39 PM

  • "Obsession"   12 minute version.

    By konane, at 5:52 PM

  • Thanks Konane, I appreciate the link and analysis. Very true! After watching both this and the Obsession video (I had seen it before) I have to say that this new one that I linked to was even more frightening and revealing to me. Something about the way that it showed just how real the threat is, and how these people really speak IN PRIVATE. I would recommend everyone see both of these videos, because these people are the enemy of the free world -- LITERALLY.

    By Todd, at 6:50 PM

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