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Beautiful music, must-see movie?

I had the pleasure of stumbling on the official web page of Pan's Labyrinth this morning.  Pan's Labyrinth is a new fantasy movie that's getting tremendous reviews all around.

On Rotten Tomatoes it is getting an astounding 96% Fresh rating.  Very few movies achieve that good of a rating.  Checking local listings reveals that the movie is in limited release however, so finding a theater playing it may be difficult for some.

Back to their web site, if you just leave the web page open it plays the entire soundtrack in very high quality stereo sound.  On my PC (which has fantastic THX speakers) it sounds at least as good as a CD.

You can check out the Pan's Labyrinth web site at:

Open it up, and then open a new browser window or tab so the Pan's Labyrinth site stays open in the background.  You can enjoy a great soundtrack while doing other stuff!


  • That soundtrack is very soothing. I let it play in the nursery for the twins and it was very relaxing for them. It is a very good soundtrack!

    By Jorli D, at 7:07 PM

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