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Clinton Gone Wild!

...Or, "Clinton, Unhinged".

Wow, I've never seen Bill Clinton so wild before.  And I have certainly never seen an ex-President of the United States act in this manner.

It's one thing to defend your record as President, but it's a completely different thing to insist that everyone but you was to blame, and blow up at a television reporter, insisting that he's sitting there with a "little smirk on his face."

This interview is uncomfortable to watch(!) because the guy literally becomes unraveled before your eyes.  Clinton practically jumps into Chris Wallace's lap at one point, hitting the arm of his chair with his hand.



  • The real Bill Clinton emerges .... re-writing history.

    This probably has him upset .... Powerline is going forward since Clinton and his cronies tried to kill "Path to 9-11." They even have a link to his admission of his not taking bin Laden when offered (posted on my blog with NewsMax link and transcript) except that recording is now on YouTube so it's made it to the big time.   

    "The fruits of an unserious presidency

    "Bill Clinton is desperate to be remembered by history for something other than the Lewinsky affair, perjury, and impeachment. And he will be. It's becoming clear that the Clinton legacy will also include eight years of inaction, broken by rare instances of ineffectual action, towards the mounting threat posed by Osama bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists that culminated in 9/11."...................

    By konane, at 2:06 PM

  • Limbaugh does not let up on Billy.
    He's on his case most every day.
    Must be gettin to him.
    Billy does not like the truth.

    By JAP69, at 5:32 PM

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