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New IE7 RC1 Available

The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 is now available.  It is called "Release Candidate 1", or RC1.

Release Candidates are created when the feature set for the product is complete, and all that's normally left is bug fixes.

I am writing this right now using IE7 RC1, and everything appears to be working quite well on Lottery Post.  I really like the new IE.  It's much better than Firefox, IMHO.


  • Yes just downloaded it this morning. Lots of bugs have been fixed from beta. There does seem to be a conflict with the ebay toolbar which I hope they fix. Also wish top bars were more movable because I would like to cram everything into two levels instead of three that it refuses to be configured from. In IE 6 had everything compacted up top so more of the page is visible. However so far those are my only two complaints, otherwise very smooth.

    By konane, at 12:05 PM

  • Solved the ebay toolbar problem, uninstalled the one from ebay then set ebay as my default search on IE7 which gave more page space. Also booted MSN search function. Life is good!!

    By konane, at 1:13 PM

  • updated my ie7 with IE7 RC1 but it still didn't fix the problem of LP saying that my java script is disabled, when it is enabled in all zones. I don't get that message on other sites. I always get auto updates from Java but I will still check to see if it is updated.

    By Tenaj, at 3:25 PM

  • I think I mentioned to you someplace else also, if that message comes up then you have disabled it somewhere on your PC. Maybe a firewall.

    By Todd, at 5:53 PM

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