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What the hell is the matter with the US government?!

The latest news about our "border patrol" really has me angry!  I don't even have words to describe the feeling of sickness I feel about our own government, which is essentially handing the keys to our country to the Mexican government.

Read this, and see if you don't agree:


  • Bush may be trying to cut a beneficial deal with Fox for oil is the only thing I can imagine staving off closing the borders. There is something going on in the background that we don't/can't know about yet.

    Iran is slated to convert to the Euro for payment of oil so this seeming fiasco may have something to do with that issue.

    By konane, at 10:07 PM

  • Totally agree Todd,

    I've said this before, a civil war will break out, once people see for themselves, what the few have been saying for a while now. The corruption we see is probably only 20 percent of everything that happens behind closed doors.

    And Konane is also correct when he talks about the Iran and Euro deal. If you do search you'll see me writing those same facts that you talk about. It's not about the Enrichment for weapons, rather a disguise for the real reason, which is the whole Euro conversion with Iran's currency. HMMMMMMM....

    What a coincidence.....Just as Iran is making the preparations to convert, suddenly a nuclear dilemma appears from nowhere. HMMMMMMMM....

    How about North Korea? No concern there?

    By pacattack05, at 1:37 AM

  • No offense Pac, but I'm a little old lady.

    Part of the duties of our government is to provide a sound viable currency so if oil currency exchange is being politically manipulated then that defense is totally appropriate no matter where it takes us. If world peace through changing tribal hierarchies in the Middle East is a result all the better. Socialist governments hardly defend their own people so counting on ivory tower elitist Europe to do anything in the Middle East in that regard is out of the question. They instead roll out the red carpet to be overrun with Moslems just waiting to instill sharia law. Europe is proving it isn't smart enough to have learned from Hitler.

    We've been slowly boxed in by "greens" over the years who are hair on fire determined to stop our economy so have legislated no new refineries, no expansions of current ones, no drilling ..... and Washington caved to their demands every time. Too much compliance red tape, the threat of governmental takeover of business under the guise of socialism has caused businesses to move offshore. Too much governmental interference with minimum wage laws, too many union demands, other mandated BS has caused manufacturing to move to nations which appreciate the opportunity to have those plants to enrich their citizens. All the while we have Democrats hard selling that they're the party of the little guy when in fact they're the ones that caved bigtime as the chief enabler to make all these egregious errors law. Democrats have come to represent socialism the fraternal twin of communism.

    Yes, President Bush has had to do huge damage control from socialist economic actions stealthily shoved in by Clinton, so if going into Iran to stabilize our dollar on world markets is what it takes so be it. I for one am not prepared to go through what the Carter administration did to the economy that Regan Bush spent 12 years cleaning up ..... that Clinton took credit for and undid in 3 but it took another 5 before he delivered a fiasco into George W's hands with a well orchestrated campaign to blame W for Clinton's intended actions to tank the economy so socialism could come to the rescue. Follow the crumb trail while thinking hidden agenda and the picture will become vivid.

    Back to the illegals invasion, it must be oil supply from Mexico ....... but that is the heartbeat of our economy so looks like we'll simply have to grit our teeth and keep writing our legislators in Washington. The picture is obviously bigger than we can fathom right now, stakes much higher than we can realize.

    By konane, at 8:20 AM

  • Konane,

    Brilliant commentary, thanks for adding it!


    By Todd, at 9:26 AM

  • Thank you!! Not trying to hog your blog space but something occurred to me and that is ....... fact: we've had CIA leaks specifically to undermine if not overthrow President Bush. It's rumored that we have Pentagon leaks also..... so there is the distinct possibility that we have another one somewhere passing information along for the same purpose.

    Just when you think leftist sympathizers can't get any lower, they start stripmining straight down.

    By konane, at 10:57 AM

  • Sorry for living....LOL

    By pacattack05, at 2:51 AM

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