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Heaviest man in the world

I wonder if he is viewing Lottery Post in this picture?

Heavy Man

Man weighing 1,200 pounds seeks life-saving surgery in Italy


  • Todd
    Maybe what they call "Negative calorie foods" can help some.

    By LANTERN, at 12:22 PM

  • I just wonder at what point in his rise to 1200 lbs. did he start thinking that he might need help with his weight. I'm not trying to be funny, but I think that at about 300 or 400 hundred lbs, I would get help....

    By fja, at 2:51 PM

  • His favorite foods are carrots, fava beans, and rice cakes.

    He claims that the fava beans are what's making him fat.
    He likes long walks on the beach, dancing, and bungee jumping.

    By pacattack05, at 12:15 AM

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