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We Need a Fence (dot-com)

I support this concept 100%.

Check out what it could look like (click for full-size):

Border fence


  • I think that no matter what obstacle is in place people will find a way around it, over it, thru it, or under it.

    Another way to deal with this problem would be for the US to come to some terms to buy Mexico or make it a part of the US this way people could come as go as they please. This would pretty much solve the problem.

    By four4me, at 11:27 AM

  • Yeah, right. Hopefully that's a joke.

    By Todd, at 11:33 AM

  • Done and a link to the petition out in email.

    By konane, at 2:13 PM

  • i agree with ya todd.mexicans just now outnumbered blacks as the leading minority.ten years ago where i live there wasn't one the neighborhood i lived in off and on my whole life is 80 percent mexican and you better believe there is tension.these people have lived here collar hard working people and now all these mexicans come in off the I-40 exit and lay down stakes.i bet 75 percent are illegal.....

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 2:13 PM

  • 4me has to be kidding. However, If things keep going on the way they are going, he might be looking into the future.

    At this rate, with an approximate, 40% of some Mexicans, in a recent poll, agreed that most of the SouthWest was technically theirs, and our liberal leaders, allow this kind of unheard of behaviour.

    I've got a better Idea. Let's just have everyone and their brother easily go in and out whenever they please. Dosen't everyone agree with this brilliant idea? Why stop at the southwest? We're on a roll......LOL

    As far as I'm cocerned, both parties are to blame.

    By pacattack05, at 12:26 AM

  • I forgot to mention that there is a difference between a Republican, and a conservative.

    So many sub-sections, so little time.

    They're all corrupt......

    The high position of a Judge doesen't seem so high, knowing he or she at one time had to first be a Lawyer. Especially an NYU lawyer.

    By pacattack05, at 12:35 AM

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