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ABC News Hypocrites

It's just par for the course every time a mainstream news media source is hypocritical in their choice of what to air, but it never makes it OK.

The latest hypocritical move is that ABC News will not be airing the tape of the roadside bomb — the one that their anchor Bob Woodruff was involved in.

How many other roadside bomb explosions have they aired?  The answer is dozens.

They constantly show tape of huge, destructive roadside bombs, but I guess they only show them when service men and women get harmed.

When one of their own is involved, they hold the tape.

Could it be because they respect their anchorman more than military personnel?

Do they think Bob Woodruff is more "special" than a military person?

Is Bob Woodruff's life more valuable and precious than a military person's?

Does a member of the United States military have fewer rights than the ABC News talking head Bob Woodruff?

The same goes for all the other liberal news outlets, who can't stop talking about Woodruff.  I guess they all feel he is more special than the people fighting for our way of life over there, those who are saving the Iraqi people from terrorists.

Pathetic.  But expected.


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