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Hilarious new "ice melting" article

Another global warming scare has hit the news!

Parts of this thing are so funny I can't help but laugh.

The first bit of humor comes right in the first sentence: "Greenland is shrinking fast, but still not as fast as previous research indicated".  That's great news, the ice is not melting as fast!  I guess they are anticipating a Democrat in the White House in '08, because the ice melting is slowing down just in time.  By the time the new lefty is in place, the ice will be growing again.  Thank God for the Democrats, who can put an end to ice melting!  (As a matter of fact, I think Hillary Clinton majored in ice melting.)

The next part where I had to stop reading with a case of the giggles is when it says, "This is a change from the 1990s, when ice gains approximately equaled losses".  Whaddyaknow, George Bush just happened to get elected after the '90s, right at the point that tricky ice started melting.  Everything was JUST FINE when there was a good Democrat in the White House.  Hey!  That's because of Hillary Clinton and her ice melting degree, let's get her back in charge again!

Some other humorous anecdotes include:

  • I don't know about you, but when I read the part about "Greenland is losing 20 percent more mass than it gets in new snowfall each year", I get the feeling that Greenland will be gone in 5 years.
  • "Even a slower ice melt" means global warming is upon us!

I guess the whole notion of this "ice melt" slowing down being seen as bad news just tickles me.  Apparently, either someone at NASA really wants a Democrat back in the White House, or else their research dollars are directly dependant upon how bad global warming is.

If NASA spent this much brainpower on rocket ships, we'd have landed on Mars by now.

Here's the chilling story (no pun intended):

Greenland ice sheet shrinking fast: NASA

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The vast sheet of ice that covers Greenland is shrinking fast, but still not as fast as previous research indicated, NASA scientists said on Thursday.

Greenland's low coastal regions lost 155 gigatons (41 cubic miles) of ice each year between 2003 and 2005 from excess melting and icebergs, the scientists said in a statement.

The high-elevation interior gained 54 gigatons (14 cubic miles) annually from excess snowfall, they said.

This is a change from the 1990s, when ice gains approximately equaled losses, said Scott Luthcke of NASA's Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory outside Washington.

"That situation has now changed significantly, with an annual net loss of ice equal to nearly six years of average water flow from the Colorado River," Luthcke said.

Luthcke and his team reported their findings in Science Express, the advance edition of the journal Science.

The ice mass loss in this study is less than half that reported in other recent research, NASA said in a statement, but it still shows that Greenland is losing 20 percent more mass than it gets in new snowfall each year.

The Greenland ice sheet is considered an early indicator of the consequences of global warming, so even a slower ice melt there raises concerns.

"This is a very large change in a very short time," said Jay Zwally, a co-author of the study. "In the 1990s, the ice sheet was growing inland and shrinking significantly at the edges, which is what climate models predicted as a result of global warming.

"Now the processes of mass loss are clearly beginning to dominate the inland growth, and we are only in the early stages of the climate warming predicted for this century," Zwally said.

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  • Beginning to believe we're living in two parallel universes ..... ours with a heading of "real thing" .......the other "conspiracy theories" greenhouse gasses causing global warming leading the pack in theirs.

    By konane, at 7:25 PM

  • I think 'Bill' knows 'Hillary' is a frigid ice queen.

    By takeitez, at 8:54 AM

  • I guess the old expression "there's none so blind as those who cannot see" still rings true.

    It's amazing that you continue to view an international concern as a Left Wing political scam. I read a similar report in Scientic American as well as several foreign publications. (in English translation of course) Whether or not we really can do much about Global Warming is the real question, but investigating its impact on our world and making sure we do everything possible for future generations is not "hilarious" to me.

    In other comments you've used word like "left-fringe" as if people are crazed lunatics ranting about nonsense. Yet renowned and respected scientists all over the world are involved in these projects. This isn't an "American" thing at all. By the way, copying some of his bio here "Dr. Zwally received a B.S. in mechanical/aeronautical engineering from Drexel University in 1961 and a Ph.D. in physics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Maryland in 1969. He was awarded NASA's outstanding scientific achievement award (1996) and Goddard's exceptional performance award for leadership in establishing a cryospheric research program (1978). He has had over 100 referred publications in glaciology, polar research, climate science, and physics." I find it "hysterical" that people on a lottery site think they have more scientific credibility than someone who has spent his life studying glaciers and has numerous degrees and awards in cryospheric research.

    I guess the scientists in Germany, France and Norway are also part of this left wing conspiracy. Funny, I never thought of National Geographic as being a political magazine.

    I should probably delete this comment. Your remark about Hillary Clinton is so absurd that any response to it will be futile. I think the lunatics and the fringe are living on my right. I've also never read or heard any politician, scientist or news broadcaster indicating George Bush is at all responsible for environmental changes in our universe. Nobody would be that stupid or irresponsible.

    By justxploring, at 2:36 PM

  • JE,

    I guess if I made the same comment about George Bush you'd find it funny. Also, you seem to be taking my satire comments literally. OF COURSE George Bush didn't start the ice melting. I'm using humor to show how ridiculous the statements from the 'scientists for hire' are.

    Tell me, when the man-made global warming thing is completely debunked in a few years, and nobody is left defending it, are you going to insist that the planet cooled down all the sudden?

    By Todd, at 7:04 PM

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