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CNN *own3d* by Lynne Cheney

(Anyone having trouble with the term "own3d" can check it out here.)

Lynne Cheney for President!  Hillary would be crushed by her!

Check out the video.

Here's the story:

Cheney Lays Into CNN
By John Eggerton
Broadcasting & Cable
10/27/2006 5:41:00 PM

Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, strongly criticized CNN Friday for its "Broken Government" series of specials in the run-up to the November mid-term elections and for its airing of tapes of snipers shooting American soldiers in Iraq.

In an interview with Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer, Cheney said the network's Vote 2006 specials contained "terrible distortions of the president's and vice president's positions on many issues."

She suggested CNN was working from Democratic talking points, and took issue with the negative tone of the title "Broken Government," suggesting it betrayed CNN's bias and countering that the administration had inherited a recession, been through some tough times like 9/11 and Katrina, but that the economy was healthy. "That's not broken, " she said, "this government has acted very well... I shouldn't let media bias surprise me, but I worked for CNN once [with Crossfire, according to Blitzer], and I was troubled.

Blitzer said the series was "probably" meant to be provocative, "to get people to think, to get people to discuss these issues."

Cheney turned the tables on Blitzer, becoming the questioner: "what is CNN doing running tapes of terrorists shooting Americans," she asked more than once, repeating a question CNN had been asked: "Do you want us to win?"

"The answer is, of course, we want the United States to win," said Blitzer. "We are Americans." Blitzer said airing the footage was not terrorist propaganda but "reporting the news. This is what we do... We make no apologies for showing it."

Later in the newscast, Lou Dobbs defended the "Broken Borders" series, saying that with all due respect, the government was broken in many respects and that he had been critical of Republicans and Democrats. He called Cheney's criticisms "power bridling at truth."

Cheney also complained that she wanted to talk about her children's book, Our 50 States, but had spent about 10 of the 15 alloted minutes for the interview responding to questions about her husband's comments about tactics used to question detainees and the citing of some passages of a book she wrote by Democratic Virginia Senate candidate Jim Webb in defending some racy passages in his books. She said Webb was "full of baloney."

Making lemons out of lemonade, CNN heavily teased the interview and Cheney's anger with the network for the first hour and a half of Situation Room.


  • Oh darn, I just screwed up my blog, and lost the comments on this post. Including my own! :-(

    By Todd, at 3:17 PM

  • Don't worry about retrieving mine ... coffee hadn't kicked in yet. Since Powerline is much smarter than me will post their take on her interview.

    ""Lynne Cheney Blitzes Blitzer

    "Lynne Cheney has written several children's books. Her latest, Our 50 States, has just been published, and Mrs. Cheney is on a book tour promoting it. Earlier today she did an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN. Blitzer, though, wanted to talk about anything but the book. He started by quizzing Mrs. Cheney about her husband's purported enthusiasm for waterboarding, and went from there to repeating Democratic talking points to the effect that she wrote pornographic passages in her novel Sisters, and therefore James Webb's fiction is OK.

    I'm long past being outraged at this kind of ambush; what is entertaining about this particular episode is how thoroughly Mrs. Cheney thrashed Blitzer. Hugh Hewitt

    (   )

    has posted the transcript; I recommend it for your reading enjoyment. Mrs. Cheney routed Blitzer so thoroughly that by the end he was reduced to whimpering that she had been too well prepared for his ambush!

    You came armed. I guess you knew what you wanted to do.

    This may be some kind of first in the history of journalism. Actually, of course, Mrs. Cheney didn't come "armed;" she came smart. One of the lessons we take from this sort of mismatch is that many leading journalists aren't very bright. Next time, Blitzer will be well advised to stick to children's books."

    Reference to "pornographic passages" in her book found here via following a few links and not waiting to be spoon-fed.

    "This is the extent of the "Explicit Steamy Lesbian" scene from Lynn Cheney's "Sisters":

    The women who embraced in the wagon were Adam and Eve crossing a dark cathedral stage -- no, Eve and Eve, loving one another as they would not be able to once they ate of the fruit and knew themselves as they truly were. She felt curiously moved, curiously envious of them. She had never to this moment thought Eden a particularly attractive paradise, based as it was on naiveté, but she saw that the women in the cart had a passionate, loving intimacy forever closed to her. How strong it made them. What comfort it gave.

    It took me all of 2 minutes to find this from a website called "Bella OnLine".

    By konane, at 3:34 PM

  • BTW, Mercury went retrograde today which causes all sorts communications errors, snafus, glitches which is likely why your server "ate" those messages.

    By konane, at 4:54 PM

  • Well, I guess I could blame it on Mercury, but in reality it was my own dopeyness! ;-) That's what happens when you do things too fast without thinking.

    By Todd, at 6:45 PM

  • Did you notice the BIG DIFFERENCE between Lynne Cheney and Bill Clinton? Remember when BJ (Bill Jefferson) Clinton went on Fox News, and the moment he was asked anything other than the "scripted" questions he flipped out and started practically foaming at the mouth?

    Contrast that to the graceful Lynne Cheney, who spent 95% of the interview answering questions not related to her book (the reason she was there), but took it in stride and calmly put together incredibly cogent thoughts. In fact, she made Wolfy stutter at one point when she had him over a barrel. Her question to Wolfy, "Where did you get the video from?" was one of the most brilliant moments, because the second he started to answer "from the terrorists" she had won the argument. (He realized it and stuttered, realizing his predicament.) If you get the video from the terrorists, then you are in fact showing terrorist propaganda, and that is what CNN self-righteously claimed they did not do. Wolfy "does not apologize" for showing it. His loss.

    This is a great example of the difference between a political viewpoint that has the facts on its side, and the opposite political viewpoint, which relies on emotional attacks to win hearts and minds, as wells as voting blocs that it takes for granted.

    By Todd, at 6:54 PM

  • Well, I guess my comment got "lost" along with everything else. No big deal.

    By justxploring, at 11:26 PM

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