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Bob Corker leading Harold Ford in Tennessee

Bob Corker is running a pretty good campaign, and is currently running some pretty clever TV ads.

Right now polls are consistently showing Corker with a slim lead, and it does not show signs of changing for the worse.

This should be good news for Tenessee, as Corker is clearly the better candidate.  Ford is inexperienced and does not seem to be guided by a set of grounded principles.

Tennessee Polls


  • just saw harold ford jr. answering questions on the news.interesting news you may not know.his uncle john ford was a senator and got busted last year in a FBI sting and had to step down for taking bribes.they are all from memphis where i live.i'm surprised corker didn't throw that against him.the fords have plenty of skeletons in the closet.

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 6:43 AM

  • Harold Ford's father came out of his son's campaign headquarters yesterday and called a white cameraman a "cracker" twice -- all caught on tape. Funny how the mainstream media does not jump all over Ford the way they did when Mel Gibson's father came out with outrageous statements. I guess that's because they like Ford, but do not like Gibson. Yet these are the people we rely on to deliver hard (unbiased, "just-the-facts") news stories.

    By Todd, at 11:54 AM

  • the race relations are terrible here.very terrible.i'm about to a search and you'll see memphis is the second most dangerous city in america.i might catch flack for saying this but all the trouble caused here in this city is mostly done by the blacks.thats all you see.i've had a few bad run ins myself.i was called a cracker the other day.i don't want to print what i called the person back.......

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 7:14 PM

  • i agree with you about the mel gibson thing.the blacks here will scream discrimination in a heartbeat if they think they were done wrong regardless of if it has to do with race or not.remember the tennessee waltz FBI sting i told you about.almost every single one of the politicians caught were black and they said that they were busted because of their color.this stuff gets real old after a while.they need to get over the race thing here in really is pathetic.even a neighbor of mine who is black agrees.....

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 7:47 PM

  • Mike,

    I think I happen to know you pretty well, as well as someone can know another person over the Internet, and I know that you are a very unbiased person, and your comments are not intended as anything but sincere. In today's political climate, many people will be shocked by your candor and will immediately jump to the wrong conclusion. That is unfortunate, because I know that you are not a prejudiced person.

    Any time people speak of an issue that itself relates to a particular race, ethnicity, or religious group, they tread on shakey ground, because it is not someones race, ethnicity, or religion that makes them a certain way, and people do not all act then same way "as a group". As a people, every one of us shares good and bad points, so even though your personal experience may lead you to believe something like you stated, it is important to force yourself to think beyond appearences to find the root causes of society's ills.

    I feel this way strongly about what you said, as much as I feel strongly that people who feel the opposite should broaden their views as well. We ALL need to broaden our views. For example, I am saddened by those who attack conservatives as racists and haters, because nothing could be farther from the truth. In TRUTH, conservatives have done more to advance civil rights than anyone else. On the opposite side, liberal "great society" policies are largely responsible for a decline in personal responsibility and a rise in apathy. It was only when conservatives came into power in the 1990s that serious welfare reform was instituted, and we started to see the horrible liberal welfare state begin to shrink.

    Yet liberals are always played as the "synmpathetic" party, when in fact they take their constituents for granted, and suck the power OUT of their constituents by taking their vote for granted. Liberals do not have to fight for the votes of their contituents, so they do not really work for them.

    That's a fact, and oftentimes a difficult one for people to hear.

    It's easy to see another side as the enemy than it is to make an effort to understand an opposing view, because hate is a much easier emotion to conduct than understanding and reason.

    By Todd, at 8:55 PM

  • thanks todd.i do hope that others understand.i'm definitely very unbiased and i hope nobody thinks i'm prejudice because of the comments.

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 11:22 PM

  • i went back and read your post from yesterday are right.people do tend to unfairly lump everything or everyone into a certain category or group and that is where people stereotype everything.i think people do need to broaden their views but sadly lots of people don't.they feel so strongly about things they don't see the real issue.i made a mistake with that because of the gambling bill and was really pissed at the republicans for a while and now i'm beginning to realize that its not the whole party but a couple of bad seeds that tend to make the whole group look bad when its not.i watched flight 93 the other night and i realized that we probably wouldn't have got a strong a response on 9/11 if we had been under a democratic president.the scary thing is 2008 because there may be a democrat instead of republican in the white house and that means less spending on defense......

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 6:36 AM

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