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President Bush

Amongst all the bad news and growling, snarling comments made by people today, it is not mentioned often enough just how lucky we are to have President George W. Bush as our President.

Thank God the majority of the people in this country came to their senses and elected our fine leader.

Thank God you have the internal strength to push aside all the sour comments from those who choose to lead lives of negativity and constant criticism.

Those people should be examining the mistakes and troubles of their own lives, which I am sure would form a much longer list than yours.

Thank you, George Bush, for being there when our country needs you, and for providing the leadership we have come to expect from you.


  • with 9-11,unemployment,the iraq war,this hurricane and now gas prices he has had plenty to deal with.........

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 3:16 AM

  • I'm not sure he is all that great of a leader. However, in no way is he to blaim for the current state of affairs. Atleast he is trying to unite during the crisis, you can't say that about the other side of the fence. Some people just can't get over the fact that some people are independant thinkers, instead of sheep. You can control sheep, you can't control some one who thinks; especially if they think positive.

    By Chewie, at 8:11 AM

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