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March of the Penguins

What a delightful movie!

If you're looking for something different to see, this may be just the thing!  When the lights go down, sit back and be prepared to unexpectantly care about what happens to a group of penguins, which are -- at this very moment -- going through extrodinary things that you would never realize.

I was so completely taken by this movie.  Maybe it's because I was unprepared to care.

One of the great bonuses is the movie soundtrack, which is simply wonderful to experience, and is what I have playing right now.  The soundtrack is many times the "voice" of the characters, and it was written by people who took great care to craft a wonderful sensory experience.

Terrific piano, flute, violins, and percussion -- a real joy.

All in all, something to take one's mind from the unpleasantries of the world today.

I recommend you take your family to this movie -- all except for the fidgety MTV teens.  (Although who knows, maybe this movie can help some of those MTV types see beyond the blather that is force-fed to them on cable TV every day by horrible rappers and gangsters.)

Enjoy March of the Penguins for all of its many qualities.


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