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Tired of getting credit card offers in the mail?

If you're tired of receiving a mountain of credit card offers in the mail every month, I just found a service that will help get rid of most of the junk mail!

Go to the following web site, and in 5 minutes you can "opt-out" of all pre-screen credit card offers, either permanently or for 5 years.

It's simple and quick!

If you'd rather do it over the phone, call 888-561-8688.  But doing it on the web is much better, because you can type and see everything exactly as you intend.


  • I wish I had that problem. My credit is a question mark. The more offers of cards, to me would be an asset. Maybe after replying to a dozen or so, one may say yes. Is there a website that does the opposite?

    I,m a bit confused because recently I received a call from a dealership near my residence. After a brief discussion the salesman asked how my credit was, and I said not so good. He replied by saying that he punched up my name and found that I neither had good or bad credit. There was absolutley no info on me. Rather puzzling considering I have a couple of unresolved credit issues. Go figure!!

    By pacattack05, at 7:21 AM

  • Well, if you want to build credit, that's the wrong approach. If you apply for a bunch of credit cards and get declined, that shows up on your credit report, and nobody will want to have anything to do with you.

    Every single time someone checks your credit report -- i.e., whenever you apply for something -- you get a ding on your credit report. When a company sees that someone has several credit checks in a row, it is obvious that person is having trouble obtaining credit, and they won't do business with you.

    If you want to get a good credit rating, the ONLY way to do it is to maintain a good, clean record for at least a year or two.

    Start by getting a single credit card. If nobody has approved you, then get a SECURED credit card -- the kind where you put money on deposit with them, and they give you a credit line the same size as your deposit. ANYONE can get approved with that kind of credit card.

    NOTE: this is not bank bank debit card. Bank debit cards, as far as I know, will not help your credit rating.

    Then, every month be sure to make one or more purchases on that credit card, and every month pay off the balance in full, and always before the due date. You have to be diligent and disciplined. It is important to not just have the credit card, but to USE it on a regular basis, and show a pattern of on-time payments.

    During that time, do not apply for any other credit.

    If you continue to charge and make payments on time every month, after a year or two you'll start to get a favorable credit rating, and people will want to do business with you.

    Most importantly, never make a late payment. Always, always, always make payments BEFORE the due date.


    By Todd, at 10:27 AM

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