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Server Failure

Some people may have noticed that Lottery Post stopped functioning at about 3:00 this afternoon (Eastern Time).  It seems the Lottery Post server developed a bad power supply, so the whole machine went down, and refused to reboot.

So I worked with the data center to quickly swap the hard drive array into another server that is used for less critical tasks, and within about 30 minutes everything was back up and running.

We have a new power supply being rushed to the data center to set things back the way they were, but in the meantime at least the server will continue to function just fine in its new temporary home.

If I only had one server at my disposal, the entire site would be down until the new power supply was shipped and installed - at least a day.  But with all the technology and servers I installed about a year ago, this kind of recovery is possible.


  • Hi Todd! I had just read your "Is it just me" blog and was trying to get back to "Home" when the server failed. I thought, man, he's shut the forum down and really going after all those idiots!

    By LottoVantage, at 8:23 PM

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