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New Browser Detection Site

I created a new simple web site for detecting anyone's browser characteristics.

If you go to the site, it shows your IP address, the country your IP is registered to, and your "user agent" string. 

The user agent string is a single line of text that your web browser sends to every web site you visit, so that the web site knows what brand and version of web browser you have.  That allows web sites, among other things, to account for any bugs that may be present in a particular brand of web browser, adjusting the web pages that you view on-the-fly to send slightly different HTML code, so that you can see the web page bug-free.

The site also has a detailed view that will test your browser and show you all kinds of detailed information about your browser, including cool stuff like connection speed.

Also, based on your IP address, it will also show you the city, region, country, and Internet Service provider of your connection.

The site is, and it can also be access at the bottom of the navigation menu on the left side of every page on Lottery Post.

The page can be used to help diagnose problems.

For example, people who are having difficulties logging in to Lottery Post can go to that web site to make sure that both cookies and JavaScript are enabled.


  • cool i allways new my ip address. But some of the other suff i didn't. This might help me with my critical updates from microsoft that i have been having trouble trying to axcess. For some reason when it checks my pc for updates the operation fails. This never happened before i loaded AOL's 9.0 security edition. AOl says it's not their fault. HA! I know in my heart it is.
    After reading dozens of pages and trying about 20 different fixes i'v practacally given up. I worked on this issue last night for about 2 hrs to no avail. The last thing i read was somthing about a proxy server. I didn't think i had one but thanks to this tool you installed i now know i have one. Thank's Todd for being on top of the lastest and greatest features.
    I enabled my activex controls that aol's software disabled and still can't get my updates what a nerve racking experiance.

    By four4me, at 10:32 AM

  • It's possible that there are some firewall settings at work with your setup. Try checking if AOL installed a firewall.

    The best way to check if it's a firewall issue to to completely disable all firewalls installed on your PC. If the problem goes away, you have your answer.

    By the way, AOL still has not addresses the e-mail issue, which is now 2 WEEKS OLD, so all AOL e-mail conitnue to get blocked.

    By Todd, at 10:53 AM

  • Thank's Todd i didn't accept aol's firewall protection. I did get there mcaffees free anti virus protection and aol's security edition puts all kinds of stuff to protect the pc from hackers and such. What i think is disabled, corrupted or missing are the files microsoft uses to check the pc for the updates allready installed. When it searches for the updates one needs to install to keep current. It is at this poing while it's checking the pc or just before it begins to check the pc that i get the error message 0x800B0004. of cource there were possably 20 different reasons their might be a problem.

    I worked throught the trouble shooting list and done all the operations i needed to do. In fact i was prompted to dump the whole microsoft update files and controls. return to their site and begin a new session bringing everything back up to date. That didn't work either. This problem is probably so simple to fix. Something either needs to be enabled or disabled. I even used default settings. Then customized the settings list as microsoft suggested. I regret never have taken any classes most of what i know about computers i could jot down on about 5 sheets of paper. usually i am able to fix many problems. This has got to be someting to do with aol as i didn't have the problem before i downloaded the new 9.0 security edition. When i installed Aol software i let them install all the features when it got done installing. It emidiatly went into protection mode and started a scan pulled all the files up and said do you want to delete these items they are sites that are interfering with your aol experiance. I said yes to all and quite possible tossed out microsofts cookies or whatever files they use that let them into my pc for the update scan.

    But i should be able to open microsoft and re load the activex files that microsoft uses to check the pc but i cant get the download. Very fustrating. I'm sure if you were here you could fix it in about 5 minutes. I might have to call aol and microsoft and see what i can do maybe they will send me a patch to fix it.

    Funny thing is i am enjoying trying to fix it without having to get someone like yourself to do it for me. I probably might have to get someone to do it though. Not to worry Todd i woln't delete any files again without checking the content of whom or what they are. They were probably harmless files/cookies that companies use to keep track of things.

    Thanks for your reply. When i attempt the download from microsoft i turn off all the alo's security features including the anti virus which is another program that might be blocking the download.

    By four4me, at 11:52 AM

  • One thing that might help you is to get a hold of Microsoft's Windows XP service pack 2 CD, and reinstall it. Then, try doing the Windows Update again. (Assuming you're using WinXP.)

    By Todd, at 12:09 PM

  • I downloaded the service pack last night for microsofts 6.0 sp1. And tried re loading the critical updates. It's definitely a glitch in the protocol somewhere. I tried to change the address for Microsoft to a new one and that didn't work either. Although i have AOL i use Microsoft address as my browser address. Microsoft says their address changes often and to just retype the address http/ open the home page and click on critical updates. When i do that the same thing happens i get the error code and am stalled at that point.

    This is why i think aol software is to blame for this they have blocked certain addresses from being accessed because they view any address that can check you computers information as an intrusion. So unless i can find the file that contains that information and force the address that sends and receives information from my pc to microsofts web server i'm screwed. However i may be totally wrong because i used the address you gave us to check the ip address and that didn't get blocked by aol. Or it isn't on their list yet.

    The other option i might have to do is go to the next level of windows and use the tools and fixes that versions has. I'm still using win98 plus. Or delete microsoft IE 6.0 sp1 and re-load it. Then i should be able to get any files that may have been corrupted or deleted by aol or my stupidity for deleting them without checking to see what they were.

    One things for sure if i re load IE6.0 again and cant get my critical updates i'll know for sure that it's an aol thing preventing me from getting the update

    By four4me, at 2:41 PM

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