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Three cheers! to President Bush for appointing John Bolton to the UN. 

Finally, a UN representive who won't bow down to the socialist regimes represented at the UN.  The ones who make it their primary goal to humiliate and/or harm the United States.

John Bolton is the right man for the job.

What's better is that Bush got to side-step those annoying few in the Senate who will do anything to hurt the Bush Administration, and by extension, the United States of America.  People who are so mentally warped that they actually wish to see us fail, as a country, in order to regain power.

But at that point, to regain power over what?  Do they want to regain power over a country that has been nuked by the terrorists who are emboldened by their words?

It took 20 years for the mainstream press to finally admit that President Reagan was one of the best and most influential presidents in modern history, but hopefully it won't take so long with GW Bush.


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