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Premium feature being cooked up

The next big feature for all Gold and Platinum members is going to be direct image uploads!

You'll be able to take any image(s) from your PC's hard drive, upload them to the Lottery Post server, and post them to a message instantly.

Plus, the images will be posted directly to your Member Pages web space, right in your Images folder, so you can use the same images in your personal web site.

It gets better: not only will you be able to upload images, but you'll even be able to edit them!  You'll get the ability to crop the image using your mouse, and you'll be able to change its size.  With the cropping, you draw a dotted-line with the mouse over the image, then you can drag it to the precise location/size you want, then click the button to finish cropping.  Just like software you'd use on your desktop.


  • The edited image is not saved until you tell it to - you can revert to the saved image, undoing your changes
  • You can create as many sub-folders as you like to organize your images
  • You get a thumbnail browser interface to just point and click the image you want to insert in your message
  • You get a preview feature, which opens the image full-size in a popup window if you want to check it out before inserting it
  • The preview window lets you click to the next and previous image, like a browse window

This is exactly what a lot of people are looking for, and I think everyone's gonna love the easy integration with the editor.


  • This helps alot . Bravo once again Todd......This is what I like about LP. The needs are constantly being addressed by the administrator. Sorry...I didn't mean to speak in the third person. Truly...images are really worth more than words! Great job...! Great short cuts! Great Production.

    By pacattack05, at 3:10 AM

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