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New Premium Blogs ONLINE!

It has taken far more effort than I thought it would, but Premium Blogs are finally online, ready to setup.

All Gold and Platinum members can setup a Premium Blog, which is a professional presentation-quality web site, based on your Blog entries at Lottery Post.

They are incredibly easy to create!  You just select Premium Blog Settings from the Members menu or Control Panel menu, enter a few options, and select your template.

There are initially 31 different templates to choose from.  After you save the options, your Blog is instantly created, with nothing else to do!

There is absolutely no programming or HTML knowledge required.

The uniquely-powerful Lottery Post editor, combined with your Premium Blog web site, gives you tremendous ability to create your own web site, with incredible ease.

Anyone viewing this Blog entry in the "regular" Lottery Post Blog page can see my Premium Blog here:

See how members get a simple web address for their Premium Blog?  Love it!


  • Thanks Todd,
    Just finished my custom blog. I feel like one of them pro bloggers now.

    By JAP69, at 12:19 AM

  • Your Blog does look quite distinctive now! It was pretty easy to setup, eh?

    I am still working on fully integrating it into Lottery Post and tweaking some of the features, but I thought it was better to get it out there than to hold off.

    By Todd, at 1:22 AM

  • Yes, Very easy to setup for me as I am not a computer pro

    By JAP69, at 1:48 AM

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