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New Buddy/Block Features

The Buddy/Block list (which is now available in two different menus in the blue menu bar) now has a few more options, including:

  • Show/Hide Forum Posts
  • Allow/Block Blog Comments

These options allow Lottery Post members to filter out anyone who they feel is distracting from their ultimate friendly lottery experience.

The important thing is that the filtering is done without censoring anyone.

The Show/Hide option on the forum posts is especially cool (and well-written I must add, as I pat myself on the back), in that you see a little indicator where a hidden message is in the thread, giving you the ability to instantly reveal the message, if you so choose.

These new features are available to Gold and Platinum members only, and I hope will encourage people to look into the truly powerful features offered to premium members, for a pittance of a cost.

Over the years, and increasingly as the number of members increases exponentially, people have wanted more ability to keep people with strong opposit opinions from posting on the Blogs.

Today, Rip Snorter came up with a nice idea to extend that to posts on the forums.

The feature was implemented in a minimally-intrusive manner, so that it operates silently in the background.

Hopefully it will help keep the peace among the strong-willed.

Cheers  Cheers to all.


  • Neat feature, very well thought out!! Thank you very much for adding it!!

    By konane, at 4:30 PM

  • You mean we can't make them just disappear? Just kidding....Cool Feature!

    By Bryan, at 5:31 PM

  • No, you have to be an Administrator to do that. ;-)

    By Todd, at 5:32 PM

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